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Dear Leodini,

I have a kilometer-long credentials and a litany of accomplishments as a magician. I want the MC to include every glowing fact of my professional life when she introduces me to the audience. But because of the sheer number of awards I won over the years, accomplishments, citations and affiliations, mentioning them all will take 45 minutes to do, or the equivalent of the length of my program.

Please tell me, how do I ask the MC to introduce me without boring the audience?

Mr. Famous Unknown Magician


Dear Mr. Famous Unknown Magician,

Don’t ask the MC to recite a litany of your life’s accomplishments. Her job is not to bore the audience. A 45-minute introduction is the ultimate boring act you can inflict on your audience. It is punishment worse than flagellation. Your audience would rather commit suicide than be subjected to it.

Here is my answer to your question. Please read it and be enlightened.

How to Introduce Yourself?


The reason I refer you to an earlier post instead of answering your question up front is that I don’t want to repeat myself. Repeating myself makes me sound like a broken record—although I doubt there any more records available today, broken or otherwise.

If you are lazy to click the link and read the article, then you will suffer the agony of not knowing my brilliant answer. So head over to that post and soak up the wisdom I serve there.

Stay magical,