IMC History

By Ronaldo B. Moraleta, M.D.

It was on the fateful night of September 25, 1996 when a group of officers and members of Magic Circle Philippines held a meeting at Lou Hilario’s former residence at Dita St., San Antonio Village, Makati. Present then were Ferdinand Flores, Cris Castro, Ronaldo Moraleta, M.D., Marcelino Alviz, Laurence Chew, Ibarra Deri, Leo Domapias (Leodini), David Elefant, Ramon Ello, Lou Hilario, Rannie Raymundo, Renato Samson and Jose Luis Valenzuela.

The group discussed the formation of a magic club that is more efficient at fulfilling the group’s vision of uplifting the standard of magic performance in the Philippines and spreading the public appreciation of it. Lou Hilario suggested the name Inner Magic Club, thus the birth of IMC.

Through the efforts of Attorney Cyril Regalado, the club was formally registered as a non-stock, non-profit organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 31, 1997 with SEC # A199701908.

Initiated primarily by Ronaldo Moraleta, M.D., with the help of then President Ferdinand “Chubby” Flores and Cyril Regalado, Inner Magic Club became Charter Ring No. 328 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians on July 30, 1997. Charter members of Ring 328 are: Herman Gil Aquino, Ronaldo Moraleta, David Elefant, Rosauro Julio, Renato Samson, Edison Chua, Ferdinand Flores, Cyril Regalado, Marcelino Alviz, Jesus Elbinias, Leo Domapias, Mark Soriano, Emily Miranda, Vincent Hugo and Napoleon Perez

It was also on this month that Filipino magicians gained worldwide recognition in the realm of Magic, as IMC represented the Philippines for the first time at the 20th World Congress of Magic, more popularly known as FISM, in Dresden, Germany. Cyril Regalado even competed in the close-up competition.

Oozing with enthusiasm, the Club staged its first public performance on October 17, 1997 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Little Theater. Titled Salamangka Atbp. – A Journey to the World of Magic was a huge success! After the show, IMC appeared on numerous TV and charity shows, thus bringing magic entertainment to millions of homes and to ordinary people.

In 2003, as spearheaded by Cris Castro, IMC together with other magic clubs in Asia, founded the Asian Magic Association, an alliance that aims to unite the major Magic societies in Asia. Cris Castro eventually became, and currently seats as, one of its directors. Another piece of good news that elated the IMC membership: during the First Asian Magic Convention held on September 24 – 26, 2004 at Fuyong, Shenzhen, China, Marcelino Alviz bagged second place in the Close Up competition.

Inner Magic Club stays focused on its goals. Its future looks bright, as it marks another page in Philippine magic history. In September 8, 2007, it staged Magic ‘To (The Next Level), a bigger production of the previously best locally produced magic show of 2005, the original Magic ‘To.

79 thoughts on “IMC History”

  1. hello howcan i be a memberof the group???

  2. hello
    how can i join the group…

  3. hi, our client,hyatt plaza located in qatar urgently needs magicians, jugglers, acrobats to entertain children in their theme park. interested applicants may email detailed resume at or visit us at 1427 leon guinto st., ermita manila. for more info, you can contact me at 5261060. from angie of rowald int’l manpower. salamat po!!!

  4. Hi Angie,

    Thanks for the information. I announced the opening during last night’s meeting of Inner Magic Club. I also gave to the membership the contact number and email address.


  5. am looking for contact number of Alex Lagula, my son wants him for his bday.


    Wena Cham

  6. Hi Wena,

    I sent you an email with Alex Lagula’s contact number. Please check your mailbox.

    Good luck.


  7. dear IMC and MAGFI im leonard tasico operation manager of wanasa land looking for a pilipno magician please send the passport copy and video clips in my email operation are located in abu dhabi, thank you very much and im looking forward hearing from you as soon as posible.

  8. Dear Mr. Tasico,

    Thanks for your message announcing your search for Filipino magicians who may be willing to work for Wanasa Land Entertainment in Abu Dhabi.

    Inner Magic Club has members of varied talents. While they may be interested in working for your company, they would like to know some more details of your requirements. This way only qualified members will send in their resumes/videos and other employment requirements. On your part, you will not be deluged with applications from performers whose acts you may not need.

    When it comes to magicians, what types of act you need?

    We have stage performers who can perform large magic and illusions on platforms.

    We have also close-up performers who can perform walkaround, street magic, or table-side magic for your patrons.

    Or we have clown magicians who can perform funny magic acts whether on platform or walkaround.

    We have also other novelty artists such as fire eaters, balancers, fakirs (sword swallowers), etc.

    Please send us more specific requirements, so we can recommend you the best of our talents.

    Please also include an overview of your compensation package, as this is crucial in the decision-making process of individual talents when weighing job offers, whether locally or abroad.

    Thank you very much for considering Inner Magic Club as source of your talents. We look forward to working with you.



  9. hi can u please email me alex lagula’s contact details (no or how to reach him?) am interested in his services for my daughter’s bday thanks

  10. chinita915 said:

    Hi! Please help me in finding the right party host for a girl’s 1st birthday party. My daughter’s celebrating her 1st birthday this coming June and I’m at loss as to who I should get. I’ve heard some good reviews about Alex Lagula… will he be okay for a girl’s party. We’ve had Chubby Flores for a double celebration that we had last November 2007. He’s very good and my son kept raving about his 7th bday celeb for weeks! It’s just that we’re having almost the same guests so we wanted to have a new host. Please help! I’m kinda pressed for time already. Thanks!

  11. Hi,

    I sent you an email. Please check your mailbox for the number of Alex Lagula and other suggestions.



  12. Hi! Am looking for a magic/host who can do magic tricks and entertain the kids as well with some comedic acts. You mentioned in this site that the choreographed bungling acts of the winner of the magic competition clinched it for him, may I have his contact details?

    BTW, it is for my son’s 7th birthday party. Am looking for something new ‘coz my son and his friends have been to lots of parties and have seen almost all kinds of magic and comedic acts: lady floating on a broom or sword, slicing of lady horizontally and vertically while inside a box, newspaper suddenly “whole” again even after cutting it into pieces, having a kid wear a half-mask with a string pulling the jaw, the wand that suddenly bends when the kid holds it, guessing of giant playing cards, the slicing of hand inside a guillotine, ventriloquism acts, etc.

    I hope you can recommend someone who has new magic tricks and who can really make the kids laugh as well but hopefully within the normal price range.
    Would appreciate any reply. TX!


  13. Hi Olivia,

    Thank you for your honest comment regarding the similarity of many magic acts.

    I sent you an email to help you find a good act. Please check your mail box

    Stay magical,


  14. hi, my daughter will celebrate her 7th birthdy early next year and we’re planning to have a party. we would like to have a magician that would really amaze not only the kids but also the adults, hopefully with a fair price. my dughter wish to see someone being cut in half! also someone that would make the guests laugh. kindly give us recommendations on who would fit our needs. thank you and more power!

  15. Hi Ria,

    I sent you an email. Please check your mail box.

    Thanks for your inquiry.


  16. max's mama 2007 said:

    hi, my son will be celebrating his first birthday in a few months.. i initially thought of lou but my family has seen him twice already. if you have suggestions as to whom we should get, it will be very much appreciated. im hoping we could get someone new so that the adults will have fun as well. thanks.

  17. I sent you an email. Please check your Inbox.

    Thanks for the inquiry.


  18. hello! can u pls kindly give alex lagula’s no.? i heard so many wonderful feedback abt him and want to get his service.

  19. Hi Arleen,

    I emailed you Alex’s contact number.

    Please check your Inbox.

    Stay magical,


  20. Hi Leodini! My son’s 1st birthday is on August…Although it’s a so-called children’s party, majority of the guests are adults (20-40 years old)…The kids, more or less 10 only…Pls give me options of magicians that are appropriate for the audience I mentioned…Including their contact numbers as well…Someone that would do hosting, facilitate games, magic tricks..Yung hindi boring in your opinion…With rates of 9K or less lang….Thanks in advance! God bless!!! /

  21. Hi Katrina,

    Check you Gmail account. I sent you an email to provide you with the information you requested.

    Stay magical,


  22. Rory Mina said:

    hi! can you be sweet to email me alex lagula’s contact details? really interested to have him host our party. thank you.

  23. Hi,

    Please check your mail box. I emailed you Alex’s mobile phone number.



  24. hi, could you kindly send me alex lagula’s contact details too? i’d like to get him as party host for my daughter’s 1st birthday party this october.
    thanks a million!

  25. Hi,

    I emailed you Alex’s number.

    Stay magical,


  26. Hi,

    Can you please send Alex Lagula’s email and mobile number.


  27. Antoni,

    Check your mail box.



  28. hi mr. leodini,

    may i also ask for alex lagula’s contact number. im lookign for a magician who could also do the hosting for my daughters 1st bday. thanks in advance po. more power!


  29. Frederick Uy said:

    Hi sir leo!!

    I just want to express my thanks to you and the rest of the club for accepting me as a member of the best ever magic club IMC!!

    hopefully my magical balloons will be of help to put the club a natch higher..

    more power to the Inner Magic Club of the Philippines!!

  30. Hi Frederick,

    Welcome to the Club. Not only your outstanding talent but also your attitude and love of work won the Executive Committee’s nod when your application was brought before them for their decision.



  31. hi leodini. i would like to request for the contact number of Alex Lagula. it’s for my daugther’s bday gmik. tnx

  32. Hi Mon, I sent you an email. Please check your mailbox. If it’s not in your Inbox, please check also your Bulk Folder.

    Stay magical,


  33. hi leodini..
    more power! hope to work with you again.. it was really fun:-)


  34. Hi Ayee,

    Nice of you to drop by.

    Yeah, see you around.

    Stay magical,


  35. Hi,

    My daughter will be celebrating her 1st birthday party next year January2009. Could i have rates for your magician? Most probably the venue would be at San Pablo Laguna. Thanks! hope to hear from you.


  36. Hi Jane,

    I sent you an email. Please check your Inbox. If the message is not there, check also your Bulk Mail folder.

    Thanks for your interest in our magic programs.


  37. Hello sir.

    Would it be possible for you to provide me the contact info/rate of your magicians? We will be hosting a kiddie party early next year, so we are in the lookout for host/magician who will fit our budget.

    Thank you and God bless.

  38. Hi,

    Please check your Inbox or Bulk Mail. I sent a reply to your email address.

    Stay magical,


  39. me-an mariano said:

    Hi! Good day! sir…We are in search of magician/host for my daughter’s 1st birthday party next year. Could you please provide me the contact number of Mr. Alex Legula or other magicians including their rate so that we could study which one will fit on our budget. Venue will be somewhere in Makati /Pasig & Ortigas Area.

    Thank you very much and more power to Inner Magic Club.

  40. Please check your email. I sent you information. If it’s not in your Inbox, please check your Bulk Mail folder.


  41. Merry Christmas!!
    Hi, I heard so many good reviews on Alex Lagula and I can’t search his contact on-line. He really is very popular to the kids and moms out there. Is it okay if I ask for Mr. Lagula’s contact details for my son’s 1st birthday? Thanks a lot!

  42. Hi my Friend’s daughter will celebrate her bday on May, and she wants alex lagula to be the host of the party. May i ask for his contact details? Thanks in advance!

  43. Hi,

    I’m looking for the contact number of Mr. Alex Lagula I’ve heard that he is good magician and host can I possibly know where I could contact him.

    Thank you.

  44. Hi Mr. Leodini,

    I think I’ve watched you before on Beatriz Chua’s 7th Birthday. Do you still accept invites like on the 1st birthday of my son? If not, can u suggest a very good host/magician that can carry the event? thanks!

    • Hi,

      I emailed you the answers to your inquiry. Please check your Inbox or Bulk Folder.

      Thanks for your interest in my services.

      Have a magical day,


  45. Hi Leodini,

    I’ve read all of this comment can you email me your contact# and contact# info of Alex Lagula. And if not to much to ask, can you send me a list of contacts of other magician/host that you think it’s worth watching.

    Thanks and more power to you.

    God Bless


    • Hi Dheys,

      Alex Lagula’s contact number is 09175379125.

      My mobile phone number is 09179130934.

      Let me invite you to our weekly meeting at Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant. You can drop by to watch magicians perform.

      Stay magical,


  46. Hi! This is to announce that Fun Ranch is having a one day audition for all Host-Magicians. Candidates must be fluent in English and know how to host aside from doing Magic. Knowledge in Ventriloquism and Balloon Twisting are an advantage but not required. Schedule is on September 11, 3:00 p.m. at Big Red Barn Ortigas. Call 706-3019, 706-2887, 0922-8597287 and 09189173985 to enlist and confirm your attendance. Look for Judith/Nancy/Eliz.

  47. hello…..
    i have a party shop in the province. i have 2 hosts/magicians (neophytes) and i believe they can be better.
    can they be a member of your club and have some workshop?
    I am sure it will help them a lot.
    thank you very much and God bless!

    • Hi,

      Your two host/magicians are welcome to join. Please go over IMC’s screening requirements, as they are the toughest in the country. They can be even tougher for applicants coming from the province.

      Here’s the link: How to Apply for Membership.

      Stay magical,


  48. Hi,

    i’m looking for a magician who would do close up coin, card tricks for my sons fifth birthday. he enjoys watching magic shows of criss angel, david blaine, keith barry etc.

    Party is a small group of adults and a few kids over dinner

    could you recommend some magicians i can contact?



  49. Hi, I am a new party planner, would it be possible to get the contact numbers of the magicians in your circle?

    Thank you and more power

  50. Thank you for your reply, will wait for your email.

    Best Regards,


  51. Hi! Can you please help me find a kiddie party host/magician for my son’s birthday on March 6. Thank you.

  52. Hi. My son’s 1st birthday is on July, though it’s a so-called children’s party, majority of the guests are adults. The kids, more or less 10 only…can you pls give me options of magicians that are appropriate for the audience I mentioned? Including their contact numbers as well…Someone that would do hosting, facilitate games, magic tricks.. so I could also choose who fits my budget.

    Thank you! God bless!!!

    • Hi Judith,

      For my response, please check your email. I sent you info that may of help to you. If it’s not in your Inbox, check your Bulk Folder.

      Stay magical,


  53. hi my daughter is turning 1 this coming august.. i would like to ask u any contact number of mr.alex lagula coz i would like to hire his service.. tnx..

    • Hi Mari Anne,

      I emailed you the info you requested.

      Please check your Inbox. If it’s not there, look also in your Bulk folder.

      Stay magical,

  54. rowena floro said:

    hi…can you please email me the contact number of Alex Lagula & other recommended entertainers?
    thanks so much!

  55. Kay Feliciano said:


    I have a bday party next month and I need to find a good magician and host. Would you please email me contact numbers of your recommended magicians/hosts? Someone who can do butterfly tricks would be great. Must be fluent in English too.


    • Hi Kay,

      Thanks for your interest in my services. Unfortunately, the butterfly act is somebody’s act. For ethical reason, I don’t perform the act of another performer. I suggest you contact him directly if it’s the kind of act you want to hire.

      If for some reasons he is not available, you may consider my program. It is different from the programs of other performers, but I think it is equally entertaining, amazing and fun.

      Please head over to my web site for the details of my different show packages.

      Stay magical,

  56. Hi,

    I have a bday party on Sept 25 and I need to find a good magician and host. Please could you also send me the contact numbers of your recommended magicians/hosts and if possible the rates. My budget is around 7-10k range.

    Thanks alot,

  57. you don’t need party planners if you are just going to hold a very small party for your personal friends :`”

  58. Iris Chua said:

    Hi there,

    Would you be kind enough to give me the contact details of Alex Lagula? Thank you so much and more power!

  59. hi…can you please email me the contact number of Alex Lagula & other recommended entertainers?
    thanks so much!

  60. nikko julio said:

    hi there! im one of the grand son of rosauro julio one of your member, could you give me other information about my lolo,because it’s been 13 years na hindi kami nagkikita. i had watched him in wish ko lang and mel and joey. i just wnted to see him again..thank you in advance.

    • I will ask around the community how I can help you connect with your grandpa. It’s been quite a while since he last attended our meeting, and I don’t have his contact number.

      I’ll get back to you as soon as I get the information.

      Stay magical,

  61. Hi Sir Leodini,

    you may not remember me but I had the pleasure of meeting you a few years back at your stint with “Dino’s Alive” . i worked the crowd doing Close-up in between your acts. anyway i would like to come visit one of your weekly meetings and possibly join IMC one day, how does one become one of you?



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