About Leodini

PhotobucketLeodini has been performing magic since age 9, when he learned his first card trick.

While in college, he began performing at birthday parties, fiestas and school functions. He even performed on the sidewalk for friends when he felt the mood to perform, stopping human traffic and gathering a large crowd of onlookers.

Leodini’s magic program features comedy, audience participation, livestock, and small illusions suitable for platform and cabaret-type venues. He also performs sleight-of-hand close-up magic at restaurants and occasional short mentalism routines for adult audiences in corporate venues.

His performing style focuses on versatility. Thus, he has performed for both adult and children audiences in platform, parlor, and intimate close-up situations. The emphasis of the performance is on entertainment via comedy, audience participation, engaging patter, music and amusing situations.

Leodini has performed for all types of venues such as schools, birthday parties, restaurants, clubhouses, malls, carnivals, hotels, conventions, resorts, TV shows, and banks, both for individual and corporate clients. Apart from all this, Leodini also exhibits his wide performing range through mind reading, psychic entertainment and mentalism.

A writer and public speaker, he writes magic-related posts on the Internet, marketing materials, magic routines and speeches with magic or psychic themes.

Leodini conceived, wrote and co-directed two full evening magic shows, Magic ‘To and Magic ‘To (The Next Level), which were staged in Philamlife Theater in 2005 and 2007. Both shows were hailed by the magic community and magic fans as the best locally produced magic shows.

• Champion 1996 Silk Magic Competition
• Champion 1997 Comedy Magic Competition
• 2nd Runner Up 1998 Close-up Magic Competition
• 2nd Runner Up 1999 Close-up Magic Competition
• 2000 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Magical
Performance (Only four magicians in the entire Philippines received
this award.)
• Champion 2000 Close-up Magic Competition
• 1st Runner Up 2001 Comedy Magic Competition
• 1st Runner Up 2002 Open Category Magic Competition
• Champion 2002 Stage & Platform Magic Competition
• 1st Runner Up 2003 Romantic Magic Competition
• Consultant : NAKS!, GMA 7’s popular magic show
• Champion 2006 Card Magic Competition
Champion July 8, 2009 Patriotic Magic Competition

Leodini also wrote and directed full evening magic shows in theaters around the country:

  • Magic ‘To….Philamlife Theater
  • Magic ‘To (the Next Level)…Philamlife Theater
  • Magic ‘To (the third installment) ……Philamlife Theater
  • The Illusionist 1…..Teatrino Theater, Greenhills
  • The Illusionist 2….CAP Auditorium, Davao City
  • The Illusionist 3….Meralco Theater
  • Festival of Magic 1 …Dingle, Iloilo
  • Festival of Magic 2…Dingle, Iloilo
  • Magic Battle of the Champions….Philamlife Theater
  • Magic of Love….Philamlife Theater
  • Mamonluk Cup Magic Competition 1…Pope Pius Theater
  • Mamonluk Cup Magic Competition 2….Pope Pius Theater
  • IMC 18th Anniversary Show…Meralco Theater

Contact Numbers:

Website: www.leodini.com

Mobile Phone 0916-4267676

Telephone (046) 573-0273

E-mail : leodini@leodini.com


25 thoughts on “About Leodini”

  1. hey leodini. uhm, do you have a clan? so i can join. pls, pls. 🙂 THANKYOUSOOMUCH!


  2. Howdy,

    Please read How to Apply for Membership to learn about IMC’s membership requirements.



  3. Hi Leodini,

    I was able to see you in one of the birthday parties I attended to.
    My friends and I really enjoyed your magic. I hope that you are available for my daughters birthday party this coming april. We will surely have fun during the party when you are around.

    More power! Hope that you make more parties happy and meaningful!



  4. jayjay Germar said:

    Dear Mr Leodini,
    Just wanted to give you feedback. My guests during my son’s party sunday can’t stop talking about you and your act ! Both kids and adults were entertained . They were laughing the whole time. They were also amazed by your last act. galing talaga ! Thank you very much for being part of my son’s party . Most of my guests are kids party veterans but they really enjoyed your unique show . i’ve lost count on how many friends and relatives asked for your contact details.

    thanks again !

    Dr jayjay germar


  5. View brother carmelo cortez on YouTube. Type Carmelo Cortez. Thanks and GOD blesss…


  6. hI Leo,
    I believe you were my former classmate Leo Domapias. Im sorry for this email if Im wrong but if you are leo domapias a former HS classmate from SVC , dipolog city 1969..Kindly reply and lets connect.

    Fidel Fernandez


  7. christian earl bio said:

    what i can learn from you the intellect to use the magic of levitations..?


  8. Hi Christian,

    I’m not sure what you mean. If you are referring to thread work to produce a levitation effect, you can find some of my thoughts on this subject here: https://innermagicclub.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/invisible-thread-primer/

    Stay magical,



  9. rate on yuor service upon baliuag,bulacan philippines


  10. I’m intersted, can you please email me your rate? Thanks!


    • Hi Judy,

      I emailed you my rates.

      Please check your Inbox. If it’s not there, please look also in your Bulk Folder.

      Thanks for your interest in my services.



  11. sir leo, i call myself a hobbyist in magic, i do some simple trick, would you recommend me a book for it?


  12. Lhando Simple said:

    Thank you for your response sir Leodini! More power and God bless!


  13. gladys ermac said:

    hi can you email me your rates thank you


  14. Hi Mr Leodini… May you kindly email me your rates? My daughter’s turning 1 this coming November. Right now the plan is to have it near our home in Antipolo. Thanks!


  15. hi! can you please email me your rates. thanks!


    • Hi,

      I emailed you the information you requested.

      If it’s not in your Inbox, please check your Bulk Mail folder.

      Thank you for interest in my services.



  16. i am very impressed by your writing sir. keep writing!
    p.s. can you write something about the neuroscience of magic?


    • Hi Mark,

      I’ll write anything about magic you wish me to write about. Just give me time to unscramble my brain. There are days I’m slow, when my IQ is not working up to speed. That means it will take time for me to cobble words and paragraphs to answer your question. But I will write it nevertheless. So keep visiting this blog.

      Stay magical,


  17. How very cool to perform magic. Creating illusions, pulling the props then breathing life into them.


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