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Articles on the blog about Filipino visionary Bro. Carmelo Cortez are getting so much traffic I decide today to open a category dedicated to Rose Petal Images.  That will make it easier for believers, skeptics and seekers-of-truth to read articles about Bro. Carmelo and his works.

Please remember that this is a blog on magic entertainment that I, Leodini, a Filipino magician, maintain to feed magicians’ hunger for information, particularly as regards Philippine magic and techniques on entertaining Pinoy audiences.

Though this site does not cater mainly to believers or skeptics and everything in between, I will be publishing articles relevant to Bro. Carmelo’s so-called miracles.  (Please pardon the term. I have to use “so-called” until I’m convinced the petal images are not produced by trickery.  How to convince me is a subject of future articles). Readers from both sides of the fence of skepticism and faith, and even those who straddle the middle, can send me relevant articles.  I will publish them subject to my editorial discretion.  I will edit some for clarity or for style, but never for content.

You can also leave comments, if you wish, or email me relevant articles and reactions.  Let’s see how this new tack develops.

Allow me to publish a “bueno mano” article, as we Pinoys usually say, submitted by an engineer who has recently attended one of Bro. Carmelo’s missionary works. Actually he composed a message testifying to the miracles he witnessed performed by Bro. Carmelo.

Thank you for your skepticism. As an engineer I am also a skeptic. My family and I were lucky to have attended one of his services in Salinas, CA.  We were not planning to go there on October 4 because my eldest and I were running the half-marathon in San Jose the next day. We went to Salinas to visit my brother, who was leaving for PI on October 7.

During the service, Brother Cortez dispelled any doubts by having volunteer attendees prepare the mineral water and rose petals into a bowl. During the healing a different volunteer was holding the bowl while Bro. Cortez moved from one person to another. There were five of us in my family. All of us received different images—two different images of Mother Theresa, two different images of the Divine Mercy, and one of San Rafael the Angel.

For me that wasn’t the miracle. The true miracle was that I was able to finish the half-marathon pain free. As a background, I could not even train for the race, because I thought my right leg had a stress fracture. I had a doctor’s appointment this Friday to have it x-rayed. During the race the leg was pain free.

Below are the links to the race and the miracle petals.



In closing, Leodini, I really wanted to prove the petals were fake. I just could not find anything wrong with them. The petals were blank in the beginning. Brother Cortez’ had nothing in his hands or fingers during the service, and he had the backing of the Archbishop in the Philippines, Parish Priest in Salinas, and the Archbishop on Monterey County.

I will not be surprised if years from now, Brother Cortez could lose his healing gift. God could take it away. Then at that time, he could be boneheaded and try to do magical tricks to make it look real just to continue the service. Because people do donate generously in the service and the sin of greed could take over. At that point, any miracle that he may have done in the past, even if they were genuine miracles, would be considered fake. As far as my limited scientific, technical engineering mind is, the petals he gave us on October 4 were true miracles.

This is not the first miracle I have seen, so it would not break my faith if it were fake. I had seen the incorruptible dead bodies of saints inside the Vatican. The Buddhists claim that they also have the same phenomenon. But if you looked closely, the Buddhist incorruptibles have signs of decay similar to those preserved in ice. The Catholic incorruptibles are preserved as if they just died today.

Of course, I have no comments as to what the letter writer really witnessed.  I was not there when he experienced the “miracle”.

I hope one of the attendees can send me some video footage of the miracles at work, so we can evaluate it intelligently.

On a related note, I noticed a spike in the traffic of this post, but the original posts about Carmelo Cortez did not get as many views.

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Stay magical,