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20 thoughts on “Contact Leodini”

  1. Ted Orlando said:

    Dear Leo, Mr. President.

    Let me thank you for your warm hearted Write-Up,
    which I just read.

    I am proud that you have made me to become a full
    member of the IMC,
    allow me also still to call me an “Hon.Member”,
    at occasions, where I want to express, that in this
    case the “honour” is an HONOUR TO ME to be able to be
    occasionally amidst so greatly skilled Magicians
    AND entertainers in the person of you,Leodini,as well
    as our colleagues.

    Thank you for that, and thank you for the most
    enjoyable Wednesday function.

    Yours magically, but in great friendship,


  2. Thanks again, Ted. The Internet has made it possible for you to be always with us although you are thousands of miles away.

    If you have anything to contribute to this blog, don’t hesitate to email it to me. I’ll post it and share it to our members and readers.

    Stay magical,


  3. Hello Mr. Leodini,
    It’s nice that I was able to find this site. By the way I just have a question regarding magician’s supplies. I can’t seem to find a good magic store here in the Philippines selling the stuff that I need. I would sometimes see some stalls that are in tiangges or malls but I think the prices are way too high for the quality of their products. I hope you could help me with this problem

    Thanks in advance


  4. Jordan,

    Your site is involved in exposing magic tricks. I know the type of suppliers you are looking for—the ones who supply professional props to working magicians. I’m willing to lead you to them, but first you have to convince me you are NOT going to expose the tricks you buy from these suppliers the way you are exposing tricks from other sources on your website.

    Please read Inner Magic Club’s Mission and Vision statements, so you will understand our position. Nothing personal, just principles.

    Stay magical and safeguard the secrets of magic,



  5. I’m really sorry if that’s how you find my site.I assure you that I as a self-taught magician myself won’t expose the secrets of the trade. It’s just that I use that site to teach those who are interested to become magicians as well. I wouldn’t be one if I didn’t learn from those who are willing to share some of their knowledge through writing.

    If you would notice I would post only some helpful sleights and a few tricks to arouse the interest of people to learn the craft and to improve the craft.Also I placed in one of my entries a disclaimer that tells that I wouldn’t be posting tricks that would ruin other magicians careers. I believe I have done that because the tricks that I have actually posted are really for building a good foundation of skills for a magician not actually for destroying a magician.

    Also I would like to share to those who are new to magic the wonderful and rich history of magic through it’s pioneers like Hugard and Bobo.Also I made that site so that those who are new to magic may be guided properly, because there are also a lot of websites that provide misleading and confusing methods to newbies.

    As a magician I am really challenged every time I see an new trick and because of this, I would spend hours or even days figuring out a trick, and every time I would know how a trick is done, I always try to find better ways to improve it.

    Anyway if you find my site offensive, I assure you that the website wasn’t intended to expose magic but rather to lead those who have real interest in magic. Also if you would notice there aren’t a lot of people who are going there because I only give the link to magicians just like you sir.

    Again sir thank you very much and let me finish this letter with a quote from one of the books that taught me magic. It said ” Keep magic’s secrets and it will keep you” It has always and will always be my guiding principle whenever I do magic.



  6. Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for explaining your side. I think you are a decent fellow, so I believe you when you said that you have no intention of hurting the art of magic by exposing tricks and secrets.

    I feel, however, the need to respond to your thoughts on the matter with a full-blown article. In that way, I can address the issue (or issues) that may be also of interest to other readers of this blog.

    My response will be published tomorrow (May 31, Saturday) around 11 AM.

    Please come back then and let’s discuss the topic on the ethical and intellectual level.

    My best regards,



  7. Hi Mr. Leodini,

    Could you give me contact numbers of suppliers of flash paper here in the philippines? thanks much.



  8. Hi Sir Leodini!

    My Name is Nate Marx, a close up magician and a mentalist here in Gensan. I am doing paid shows semi-professionally. I am also one of the council members of 12th Summit ( Crew here in Gensan. I adore your blog because of the insights you have on magic. Though I rarely do magic tricks for my performances and shows, I am still pursuing the conjuring art through the philosophies behind it.

    The reason I wrote to you is that, I hope we magicians could create a community of magic bloggers here in the Philippines. Since there food blog, tech blog, travel blog communities but there never was a magic blog community….well that’s based on my knowledge.

    I hope you will continue on putting your insights on this blog… You articles are gems of knowledge.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  9. hi sir leodini! uhm, i want to learn more about magic.. so , how can i become a member your group?


  10. Hi Mhel,

    How to join IMC is spelled out on the page How To Apply for Membership.

    Please read carefully the rules, as the process of admission to IMC is more stringent than in other Clubs. You need time, stamina, money and determination to get inside. We made our rules harder to hurdle, because we want to entertain only serious applicants.

    Good luck.



  11. gud day sir!
    someone said to me that you can help me…i want to learn magic…and i dont know how


  12. Kuya Leo,

    It’s been a long time since I visited the site. The new topics were absolutely interesting.

    have you ever written a topic about “when not to copy another man’s work?”
    Cause i find myself guilty of it at times.




  13. Slydon,

    Don’t be guilty. Copying is part of the learning process. I don’t think one can learn a skill without passing the stage of imitating a master.

    I have written several articles on copying and copycats. Here’s one that may address your concerns:

    Copycatting Your Way to Success (Part 2)

    Here are a few others on the same topic:

    Unoriginal Originals

    How not to Be Copied

    How to Outwit the Copycats

    Copycatting Your Way to Success (Part 1)

    Stay magical,



  14. Good day Mr. Leodini,

    i am helping a friend organize her daughters 1st birthday party which will be on nov 22 at the blue leaf,, she wants you or alex lagula or any equally good magician/host for this event. we wanted this event to be memorable, i hope you can help me out. thanks.


    • Hi Marjorie,

      So sorry I’m booked already on November 22 and no longer available.

      Try Alex Lagula. I’m confident he can make your event a smash hit.



  15. Hi,

    My son is having his 7th birthday party and I need suggestions on very good hosts/magicians and how i can get in touch with them. I’m in dire need of help since Wizzo is already booked on that date. I’m thinking the likes of Alex Lagula or Chubby. Please let me know.



    • Hi Rina,

      I sent you an email in response to your querry. Please check your Inbox. If it’s not there, please check also your Bulk Mail Folder.



  16. Great site here Leo. Keep up with your good work!


  17. Julian Bond said:

    Dear Leodini,

    I just saw your video of your performance of Troupe Vanish, and I have to tell you that you did such a beautiful performance! I love the modifications you made, and especially your choice of music.

    Thank you for purchasing this illusion and for performing it with such style and showmanship. I am humbled to know that it is blessing an audience the other side of the world!

    My thanks to you, and good luck with your magical pursuits,
    Julian Bond


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