If You Want to Perform Funny Magic, Don’t Tell Jokes


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Sir Leodini, how are things going? I always do my color changing deck routine in my shows—a green to blue deck. When it turns to blue the audience are amazed but then they usually challenge me to turn it back to green, and we all know that, that’s not  easy to do. I just tell them a joke about that deck.

Sir, can you help me construct a joke about my color changing deck routine? A joke that will surely make them laugh out loud?

Thank you so much, sir, thank you…

Joker Went Wild

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Add Laughter to Your Performance


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laughing child photo: LAUGHING 2D1EF6D6599646AB9E3D2BC38DE07BAE.gif

Humor can do wonders to your performance.

Don’t listen to the naysayers who say you can’t make people laugh unless you are a born comedian.

Trust me on this. No one is born a comedian.

If someone came out of his mommy’s womb telling jokes, the nurse would have dropped him on the floor. She would run from the delivery room, screaming, “This baby is possessed by the devil!”

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Mindplay Plays with my Mind


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Mindplay I’m glad I went to see Mindplay on February 5 when it ran for one night in Pineapple Lab, Makati.

I invited other magicians to come and watch the show, but only Mon Yap showed up among my invitees. He would probably have come even without my invitation. I was happy he did. While waiting for the show to start, he foraged around Rockwell for quick foods and brought me a hamburger and a can of Coke Zero. Many thanks, Mon!

Mindplay lived up to its billing as a groundbreaking event. It brought together in one show Nomer Lasala and Justin Pinon. They are two of the country’s top mentalists. They have been working for some time the mentalism niche.

Ah, what a niche Mindplay attracted that night!

It comprised the yuppies and the English-chattering, smartly-dressed city dwellers of Metro Manila. They came in droves. Mostly in SUVs.

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Can Magic Save the World?

paulpotassyWorld renowned magician Paul Potassy has a favorite anecdote about how magic once saved his life.

In the last World War, he was a young soldier captured by the Russian army. Facing imminent death by firing squad, he entertained his captors with magic.  The Russian soldiers enjoyed his card tricks and manipulation so much that they set him free.

Potassy’s near-brush with death illustrates that magic can be a life-saver, even if it cannot alter the course of world history in a big way.

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Will Somebody Interrupt the Interruptors?


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donotdisturbI’m sure many magicians in the Philippines understand how distracting it is being interrupted—rudely, subtly, or nonchalantly—while in the middle of the show.

Magic is difficult to perform. The last thing the performer wants is somebody who—out of the blue, unscripted, uncalled for—enters the scene and makes a commotion that takes the audience’s attention from the performance. Continue reading

A Magic Performance is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry


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magiciancartoon Every so often, a magician losses his common sense. He finds himself moved to perform half-baked routines to an audience who nags him for a trick.

The bright side of this anomaly—if it has a bright side at all— is that being ill-prepared is not the worst thing that can happen in a magic performance. Admitting to one’s ill-preparedness is.

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Should You Say Celebrant or Celebrator?


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offer a toast photo: A Toast onlinepicsjpg2.jpgBetween celebrant and celebrator, which is the correct term to use?

This question crops up now and then at birthday parties. I suspect even you are not sure of the answer.

Well, today, I’ll get you out of your state of confusion.  I will give you the definitive answer to this enigma. That way, you will be able to talk intelligently at your next party.

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Wielding the Magic Wand Again


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Back in HarnessI’m glad to be back in harness after close to three weeks of being confined to bed due to a pesky viral infection.

I’m still moping over seven year-end shows that I had to cancel voluntarily and three incoming New Year shows that I had to turn down. But I’m glad to perform my first shows of the year this week before overflow crowds in nice venues. Continue reading

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright…


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Here’s my Christmas message to everyone: 

I wish the Baby in the manger bless you

and your family always.

May your days, may your days, and may your days,

Be merry, happy and bright.

Merry Christmas everyone!

baby jesus photo: Mary And Baby Jesus seward_-_mary__baby_jesus.jpg


Forgiveness, Love and Cheers in the Aftermath of Miss U Blooper


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In this Yuletide Season, I promise to FORGIVE, to spread LOVE and to give CHEERS to others.

Steve Harvey, I FORGIVE your misspelling on Twitter. I hate misspellings, because I never spell words inkorrectlly, especially a name of a country.

steve harvey2Don’t write “Columbia” when referring to a country. Columbia is a film studio. The country is spelled Colombia.

Here’s a mnemonic to help you remember: Colombia, the country, is spelled with two “o’s”. Don’t write three “a’s”, as in Calamba, because Calamba is not in South America. It’s in the Philippians. The citizens of that country are called Philippianose.

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