The Magic Words Rich People Say


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shakey's busI had a show last Sunday on the sprawling lawn of a mansion in an exclusive subdivision in Alabang.

When I say “sprawling lawn” I mean the lawn was so big it could accommodate around 50 of my house with lots of space to spare.

In fact, when I arrived in the party area, there was a Shakey’s bus (they call it Shakey’s on Wheels) parked at one end of the lawn. Despite the bus’ imposing presence, a large space was left on the grounds for the chairs-and-table setup and for the guests to mill around.

You heard me right. It was a Shakey’s bus. Not a Shakey’s food cart, but a bus.

I didn’t even know Shakey’s can send to your party a bus load of pizzas, but, as I discovered last Sunday, they can.

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Don’t Step Out of Character

braveheart photo: Braveheart Mel-Gibson--Braveheart.jpgYou may have heard of the great Robert Houdin quote, “A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician.”

Well and good. But if you follow Houdin’s quote, be consistent. You can’t be a clown in one minute and be an elegant illusionist in the next, just as Mel Gibson can’t play Braveheart in the beginning of a movie and play The Patriot toward the end.

The reason I’m musing over this is that I’m reminded of a clown I performed with in one birthday party. He was hired to host the program—you know, emcee it, run the games, and twist balloon animals.

This is a true story, so I’m inviting you to read carefully…

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To Listen to Advice or Not: That is the Question


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 photo ac35f5f8-f13d-4e5b-97e0-161f96c25b4f_zpsfc967d9c.pngAs a magician in the Philippines, I am predisposed to giving advice.

I give advice to other magicians, friends and neighbors.  I even give advice to myself, which I don’t often heed. Judging from the way I disregard me, you can imagine how other people value my advice.

I’m not sure if my advice-giving predisposition is an admirable trait.  To tell you frankly, I sometimes can’t tell myself. If I could, I wouldn’t be me anymore. Continue reading

Leodini, I Want to Be a Mentalist…Do You Have Resources to Recommend?


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mindreader photo: mindreader Photo6.jpgHey, Leodini, I bought The Amateur Magician’s Handbook on your recommendation. I need to know more about mentalism. Can you recommend more resources to further my study?


Mental Block


I’m glad to know you bought my favorite book The Amateur Magician’s Handbook. It has a good chapter on mentalism, based mainly on Annemann’s writings.

The book is a good place to start. You may then decide to proceed to Corinda’s 13 Steps to Mentalism the DVD. It’s a six-volume DVD by Richard Osterlind that teaches the mentalism pieces originally found in the book, with some variations from Osterlind to update some of the materials.

osterlindSome of the best teachers of mentalism are Richard Osterlind, Bob Cassidy, Banachek and Max Maven. I have already hyperlinked their names (talk about spoon-feeding; I’m in the mood today), so all you need to do is click them and you will be brought to their sites.

Look around their sites and see what they offer. They have more than enough material to keep you busy for many years to come.

Stay magical,


The Economics of Performing Magic (Part 2)

motion photo: Poetry in Motion Poetry_in_Motion_by_JaxeNL.jpgTo pursue further the subject of economics in performing, let me talk about Economy of Motion…

Some magicians in the Philippines look smooth and elegant when performing. They have mastered their routines and polished their moves. Polish and mastery, of course, have a third buddy. It is called streamlined act, which is a byproduct of the principle of Economy of Motion.

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The Economics of Performing Magic (Part 1)


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2015 photo: 2015 Charm 2015-g.jpgAs a long-time New Year resolutionist, I am a hopeless case. My only consolation is that over the years of making and breaking New Year resolutions, I have become good at it. I even suspect I am now an expert in New Year resolutions.

One of the recurring themes in the quest of self-transformation every time New Year rolls in is economy. Thus, you hear people pledging to be frugal to achieve a better financial well-being.

Frugality, however, is not confined to controlling expenses. It also extends to other daily activities—eating less, being immobile-all-day less, weighing less, talking less.

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The CEO Protocol


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 photo 37906762-33b0-4d1c-91c8-7d353351da81_zpse0031b76.jpgFunny that I noticed this phenomenon only during the last Yuletide season. I’m sure it’s been entrenched in the culture and norms of the Filipino society for some time now. I must have become so jaded about it that I noticed it only recently.

If you are wondering what I’m talking about, well, let me explain the phenomenon by citing some of my Christmas parties last December.

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May You Have a Bountiful New Year


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domapiasfamilyNewYear2015My family and I greet the readers of this blog a Happy, Prosperous, Magical New Year!

I started Leodini’s Inner Magic on January 7, 2007. That’s eight years of blogging, in case you didn’t notice.

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Ron Mariano Provides The Answer


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 photo answer_zps8cbcaf8b.pngMy friend Ron Mariano (also known as Ron Salamangkero in the world of magic creators) must be a genius.

Oh, he’s many things besides being brilliant. He is also a suave magic performer blessed with digital dexterity that allows him to perform eye-popping card manipulations.

Lately he has distinguished himself by creating The Answer, a piece-by-piece restoration of a signed playing card. It is now distributed worldwide by WorldMagicShop.

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What Magicalifragilistrix is Not…

magicalifrafilistrixposter2I hope it’s not too late to correct some people’s misconception about Magicalifragilistrix, Inner Magic Club’s 18th anniversary show in Meralco Theater on October 15.

Magicalifragilistrix is not a magic competition. We have done loads of magic competitions in the past, we thought we would do this year something more challenging, artistic and production-wise.

Magicalifragilistrix is not a birthday party magic show brought to a theater and pass for a theatrical show. We had this epiphany, a eureka moment, that made us realize an important but overlooked point: why hire an expensive theater to mount a stage show if the only tricks to perform are tricks we do at birthday parties?

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