Is Magic Written in my DNA?


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tricyleSometimes I long for a normal life, something away from magic—away from thumb tips, silk handkerchiefs, invisible threads, Elmsley Count, etc.

I’ve seldom got the chance. Nary a day passes without magic raring its head and intruding into my life.

The tricycle driver wants me to turn his P20 into P1,000; the husband asks me to make his wife disappear; the lover boy begs me to give him a love potion; and so on.

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Unsolicited Advice Not Available


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marketing-man-person-communication.jpgAs a magician in the Philippines, I am predisposed to giving advice.

I give advice to other magicians, friends, and neighbors.  I even give advice to myself, which I rarely heed.

Judging from the way I disregard me, you can imagine how other people value my advice. Continue reading

Performing Tip of the Day (May 11, 2018)


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busy2Magicians go to a party to help it succeed.

When he arrives at the party and asks the birthday mom for a mirror (because he didn’t bring his own), or a pen (to sign a card), or a lighter (to light the vanishing candle), etc., then he morphs from being an entertainer to being a burden.

Don’t be a burden. The birthday mom has enough on her plate.

She isn’t your guardian angel. Bring everything you need for your show so she won’t scurry around finding those items for you.

Stay magical,


I have a Coins: English as is Spoke in Philippine Magic


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Okay, the title of this post is Barok English. Now that I have gotten your attention, stay around and hear me out.

coin-coins-money-savings.jpgThere are many Pinoy magicians and mentalists who speak good, fluent English. Lou Hilario, Chubster Flores, Kel Fabie, Nomer Lasala, Justin Pinon come quickly to mind.

The rest speak passable English.

Some struggle with it.

And there are those who belong to the “I have a coins” group.

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Creativity in Magic


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The Philippine magic community comprises likable folks, but it also has members with excellent talents in being annoying.

pexels-photo-210804.jpegMy pet peeve is Filipino magicians who demand originality even from the greenest beginning performers.

Aspiring artists in other fields don’t seem to go through the “you ought to be original” crucible when they were just starting out as artists.  No Jennifer Lopez would tell a neophyte singer, “Here are seven notes.  Go ahead write your own song.”

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Thank You for the “Thank You”


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Max'sWhen you get a letter from a client who goes to great lengths to let you know how your magic show makes her event special, you have just to bask in the glow of her words.

“Dear Mr. Leodini: I just had to write to you again to thank you for your brilliant performance last March 23, 2018 at Max’s Forbestown in BGC.

It’s been days since you performed for our group of parents and kids & I still receive many text messages from the parents, thanking me for the wonderful surprise treat for their kids. Below please find some of their feedback:

‘Big Thank You! Great job! You deserve a break. Btw, we enjoyed the magic show (more than the kids did???😂🤗) especially the slow-mo act of Leodini. Hilariouschink2!’

‘The party was a lot of fun, especially the magic show which was Jessie’s idea! The Mommys staying on the side during the show were awed and couldn’t figure out how Leodini did all. Enjoyed the egg thrown to cage that turned into a dove.😂

‘Leodini is the wittiest & funniest magician I’ve watched👍His looks can be deceiving at first, but he is so amazingly entertaining! He is really a Filipino pride like you mentioned, Jessie.🏅 Many thanks for including him to our party.’

chink1Sir Leodini, I thought the introduction I made was too short, but I guess I made the right decision to tell my friends and guests that you are indeed a “Pinoy Pride”! (Especially after reading this article you wrote on how to introduce a magician on Leodini’s inner magic).😊

May God bless you Mr. LEO. May you continue to inspire and make a lot of people smile & laugh!😂


Forever grateful,
Jessica Acosta

It’s my pleasure to entertain at your group’s event.

Stay magical,


Citrus Bill To Lemon Gimmick


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man-stress-male-face.jpgOver the years I have a sour pursuit. Creativity (or the lack of it) has thwarted me at every turn. If my pursuit weren’t about lemons, I would have said it’s a hard nut to crack. Then I would never have to mix my metaphors.

For so long, I’ve wanted to load a signed bill inside a lemon, seal it, hand it to a spectator, and he won’t find any tampering. All this in real time. In the heat of the performance. Live. With all eyes on me.

I couldn’t do it. Sour pursuit.

Enter Citrus Bill to Lemon Gimmick. It addresses the challenge head-on. Continue reading

Magicians the World Over Speak in One Tongue


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My strongest argument to buttress my claim of magic’s universal appeal is the Elmsley Count.

countGo ahead, say it in any language you want. Except in Transylvania (where they say Count Elmsley) or in one part of Manila (where they say Elsmley Clown), Japanese, Mexicans, Americans, Filipinos, heck, all manner of men and women of all races and nationalities say Elmsley Count.

Stay magical,


The Digitalization of Humans

pexels-photo-905336.jpegDigital gadgetry is a grand thing. But like all grand things, it exacts penalties. I would not be a philosopher if I didn’t know that.

Despite their much-bandied-about social media interaction, digital gadgets have a way of disconnecting humans from humans. It seems they have digitized personal relationship and reduced human emotions into bytes and gigabytes. Continue reading

A Performing Lesson from Tom Cruise


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Only in magic the abject lesson of “it’s not what you do but how you do it” is being bandied about carelessly. In other performing arts, this is simply heresy.

Take the movies. Tom Cruise is good-looking and has a great personality. Would you watch his films and stay in a dark theater to watch him loll on the beach and just making goo-goo eyes and nothing else at the camera for one-and-half hours?

Of course not. Continue reading