Magic is Like a Sex Act

PhotobucketI didn’t write the title of this blog just to get your attention. I wrote it to declare an incontrovertible truth.

Pardon the analogy, but I’m not being facetious. I’m just a wanna-be sex guru trying to be factual.

A good magic performance is a like a sex act—it’s foreplay first before the climax. Continue reading

Magic is Not Camera Tricks

video camera photo: video Video_Camera.jpgAfter David Blaine burst into the scene via his street magic specials, his kind of magic gave birth to a generation of copycats and wannabes on TV.

They perform impossible feats like climbing up building walls, floating in the middle of the street and reading people’s mind. However, they can’t replicate these feats live on stage, in theaters or on the streets.

Are they doing magic?

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Magic is Not Pipe-in Music


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music photo:  music.jpgTo enjoy magic, the audience must pay attention to the performance while it is going on.  If they as much as entertain intruding thoughts, they will not see the magic happen, let alone appreciate it when it happens.

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Magic is Not About Props


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Several magicians in the Philippines said they concur with what I said on my post, “Magic is Not Just About Moves.”

I’m elated by their concurrence. Very few things elate me more than magicians agreeing with my philosophies in magic.

naked eye photo: My Eye HNI_0003.jpgFor years I have been preaching about the fine principles of performing magic, but readers largely ignore me. I’m afraid the principles are so fine they are not observable by the naked eye.

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Denmark’s Ted Orlando Amplifies Leodini’s Thoughts


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In response to my post, “Magic is Not Just About Moves”, Ted Orlando sent the following message:

Oh, dear Leodini,

 HOW RIGHT YOU ARE ONCE AGAIN!!!  (I would wish many colleagues adopt these your described criteria!)

I must admit myself, it took me time (admittedly years) to comprehend.

It also took me several broken balls and shelves (formerly of breakable plastic) having dropped them on the floor practicing the TWO handed Multiplying Ball effect.

Finish for me with that sort of “sleight to be proven” was a TV footage when the “Famous Magician Ted Orlando” dropped a left hand-held ball.

A comedy sequence with two-plus balls nowadays “does the trick”.

Satisfaction to any such changes of sleights in comedy effects with same props were for one my old London colleague Tommy Cooper, but also own critiques received after shows, like for example, within Newsletter of the “MANILA CLUB” (that time in Magallanes), where they wrote….

“… Ted Orlando did not battle us with mind-boggling magic or digital dexterity, even better, they kept some 80 club members and friends  entertained and amused for more…” It was a “fun” evening, made up in  entertainment value what he lacked compared with the gorgeous lady featured on the handbills. (That was Dagmar (“Joyce”, who was not with me in Manila then).

“…. The show gave the lie to the traditional view…”

 So then, Guys, keep on adopting Sir Leodini’s good advices!


Magic is Not Just About Moves


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PhotobucketMany beginning magicians in the Philippines suffer from the false belief that their hard-earned sleight-of-hand skill is itself magic.

Sleight-of-hand can produce some very visual magical effects. However, to present it to the audience as the magical effect itself rarely gets appreciative reaction from the audience—except if the audience is made up of magicians.

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The Same Magic Tricks May Sometimes be Okay, says a reader

apostle paul photo: The APOSTLE PAUL PAULATDESK-1.jpgWhile I love to think of myself as magic’s greatest evangelist, many people don’t love what I think. Which means a whole lot of them don’t take my writings and preachings as gospel truths.

Oddly, I think that’s cool, because I often don’t even agree with me all the time. If my posts take the thoughts of my readers in another direction, angle and perspective, then I consider that a form of flattery. I’m as much flattered when people don’t agree with me as when they do.

One welcome contrarian is the reader who wrote me a letter in reaction to an earlier post. His name is Amando “Sonny” Narvaez.  He sent me his contrary view after reading my post titled “My List of the Same Magic Tricks.”

Read his take on the subject and be enlightened by his thoughts:

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The Magic of the Coke Funnel


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samsung siii photo:  650_1000_Samsung-Galaxy-SIII-S3.jpgThe digital age has brought our generation the most magical invention of all time, namely, digital gadgets like the smarthphones.

When let loose on the World Wide Web, smartphones connect human beings from all nooks and crannies of the world where there is an Internet connection.

If you asked me, connecting people from around the planet is more magical than cutting a lady in half with a Buzz Saw. So don’t ask me. Just observe what’s happening in the world today, and I’m confident you will agree with my notions.

Digital gadgetry is a grand thing. But like all grand things, it exacts penalties. I’m not a philosopher if I didn’t know that.

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The Illusion of Perception


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 photo 39800156-5edf-4c6f-b199-558e75bd8b2c_zps1651e602.jpgMany magicians wouldn’t like what I’m about to say. I don’t like it myself, but I have to say it anyway, otherwise there will be lots of blank space on this blog today.

I just found out that the experts found out that perception is reality. I don’t know what type of experts they are, but if their finding is correct, their expertise may just exist in their minds as a perception.

But, hey, I think they are on to something. That explains why people will regard you as, say, the best magician in town (even if you are not) if you have succeeded in creating the perception in people’s mind that you are.

People would also perceive the woman in the picture above as a bag lady, a refugee from Yolanda-hit provinces, a party host going to a stag party—or whatever perception their imagination will create.

Nope, this lesson is not new-age marketing mambo jumbo. Over the years, I’ve seen skewed perception validated before my eyes. Maybe even before my nose and ears.

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Magic is Not Special Effects


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PhotobucketThere might be similarities between magic and special effects in visual impact. However, they create different impressions and trigger different emotions.

Strobe lights and fog machines on stage create mood. They can awe, they can shock, they can rock.

But they are not magic per se, because they don’t amaze, astonish or astound. Therefore, they are special effects.

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