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leodini,magician,Philipppines,Pinoy,Filipino,magician in the Philippines,birthday party magicianAfter suffering show cancellations in the aftermath of typhoon Ondoy and its accompanying deluge, I’m looking up to a busy Halloween week.

Fortunately, I had several offers to perform for Halloween events in as far as Bataan and Davao City.

Unfortunately, the Halloween period is short. Most of the dates overlap.  I can’t accept them all.  I have to turn down a number of gigs, some of them bigger and more lucrative than others, because their organizers booked late.

I stand by those who had the foresight to book me  early.

Take Noel Aldaba, for example.  He is one of the owners of Guilly’s Island in Sta. Rosa Laguna. He first called me for exploratory talks on his Halloween event months ago.  It took a while (and a flurry of emails) to book his dates.  But eventually we did reach an agreement, and so on October 30 and 31 at around 8 PM I’ll be at his place to entertain his customers with magic and illusion.

Noel is kind enough to send me a copy of the poster announcing the event. It is a professionally-done, gorgeous poster showing prominently my picture.

Actually, I sent him a scary picture to be consistent with the Halloween theme.  But I suspect a conspiracy here. He must have applied digital wizardry on my photo to make  me look like Mel Gibson.  As a result, I now quake in my pants at the prospect  of girls screaming with delight at the sight of me when I arrive at the venue.

PhotobucketIf they will not even squeak (which is embarrassing to me and hurtful to my ego), I will drop spiders into their cleavage. That, I’m sure, will guarantee screams.

Anyway, Noel is a magician for making me look like a sex symbol on the poster.

If you have time to while away on October 30 and 31 around 8 PM onward, I hope to see you at Guilly’s Island, Paseo 3 Plaza, Sta. Rosa Laguna.

Meantime, excuse me as I stare at myself on the poster and drool with admiration at my photo.

Stay magical,