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PhotobucketMagicians in the Philippines may be a happy a lot, but like other human beings they have a boiling point. When you annoy them to such an extent that they reach their boiling point, they will lose their calm and equanimity as fast as readers being regaled with big words like equanimity.

Magicians love to see tricks. They love to be fooled, as long as you are fooling them with magic tricks.

However, if the fooling takes another form, like taking them for a ride or setting them up for a prank, it strains their emotional equilibrium. They quickly turn into nervous wrecks.

Here are 10 ways to do that. I have not yet pre-tested them, so I don’t know how the otherwise calm and gentle magicians you will victimize will react to them.  Proceed at your own risk.


1. Offer to show magicians a new card trick.  Ask someone to choose a card, sign it and tear an index corner for identification later on.  Lose the card in the deck by a series of false shuffles and fancy cuts.  Make it obvious that the shuffles are false and the cuts are fancy. Spend 10 minutes doing that.  Then ask someone to shuffle the deck, and another one to cut it.  If there are 15 magicians watching you, make sure everyone is given the chance to shuffle and cut the deck.  After 30 minutes of cutting and shuffling, reveal the chosen card by spreading the deck face up on the table. The chosen card is in the middle of the deck, signed with a corner missing, remember?

2. Give them a napkin, telling them it’s the fastest burning flash paper from China, faster than any flash paper extant.  Urge them to light the “flash” paper, and watch the expressions on their faces as anticipation deflates.

3. Play on your laptop an instructional DVD on magic consisting entirely of dire FBI copy warnings and Amy Stevens’ threat to prosecute those who illegally duplicate the video.

4. Show your own variation of the Gallo Pitch, and hit a magician’s forehead with a coin.

5. Do a costume change using the same colors and designs of costumes, so that those who are watching don’t observe the changes.

6. Wear your tuxedo backwards and tell them it has a newly designed topit.

7. Wear a cape that says, “The Best Magician in Town.” You will surely tick magicians off, as many are averse to such claim.

Photobucket8. Use a bicycle horn as a squeaker, then punctuate your every sentence with basts from the horn.

9. Invent a name of a sleight an ask magicians which they prefer to use.  Something like this: “When you want to control the card to second from the top of the deck using one hand only without moving your pinky, which would you use, the Marlo Third Generation Hotshot Revolution New Age Control or Martin Nash’s Invisible Gambler’s Cop Variation of the Crouching Tiger Ultra Breakthrough Card Control?” See how many magicians will go along with you for fear people will discover their ignorance.

10. Draw a bicycle on each card of your Bicycle deck and a bee on each card of your Bee deck…then perform card tricks with them.

Have fun. See how many of your friend magicians can take a joke when it’s on them.  If you upset them with the above antics, then you have done your job well. 

Stay magical,