As an organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines, we will apply our wholehearted efforts to the following undertakings:

  1. Develop income opportunities for professional members of IMC.
  2. Establish a members-only Resource Center containing literatures, audio, video, and various electronic media and databases on the art of magic, its history, and other allied knowledge.
  3. Conduct educational activities that sustain members’ interest in magic and expand their knowledge, such as training programs, lectures, conventions, seminars, conferences, and other forms of group discussions.
  4. Enhance the conjuring and performing skills of members (whether professional, non-professional or junior members) and help them develop distinctive styles of performance.
  5. Guard and preserve zealously the secrets of magic.
  6. Inculcate our members with the need to observe ethical behavior, so that they may gain the respect of both the magic community and the public in general.

5 thoughts on “Mission”

  1. magicAL Leonidas said:

    Dear Leo,

    Thank you for the warm welcome last night.


    AL Leonidas


  2. What magic store can you recommend here in the PHILS? tHANKS BEST Regards


  3. Hi, Inner Magic Club will have its official magic store soon. Our Chairman, Cris Castro, will manage it. Just a few paper works more to do, and it’s all systems go. It will be located in SM Nort Edsa.

    Keep visiting this blog for more announcements.



  4. hi sir leo,

    sir is your magic shop at sm north edsa already open? thanks..
    more power to you and your memebers i hope i could one of your member


    • I don’t own that shop. Tito Cris does.

      The shop has been operating for quite some time now. It is also well-stocked with the latest in magic. You will find a visit to the shop rewarding.

      Stay magical,



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