How to Apply for Membership

Applicants aspiring to become members of Inner Magic Club must agree to perform and observe the following requirements:

An applicant must be willing to be interviewed by the Club Secretary, or Chairman of the Committee on Membership, or any IMC officer duly designated by the Club president, to determine the extent or lack of magical background, his interest in magic, and his present skill level as performer.

From the results of the interview or background check, the applicant will be categorized as beginner, hobbyist, advance hobbyist, semi-professional or professional magician.

He/she must be willing to attend 10 consecutive IMC meetings as a test of his/her interest to join the Club. Failing to attend a single meeting without prior notice, valid reason, or securing an excuse from the IMC president or secretary will lead to the resetting of the 10-consecutive-meeting requirement to the first week.

On the third, sixth and 10th meetings, the applicant must perform at least two tricks before the IMC membership. The 10th meeting performance will be the graduation performance and should be a special event both for the applicant and the Club. To encourage a high-level performance and quality magic, the applicant will be graded by the Club officers according to the following criteria:


  1. Magical content 15%
  2. Deportment (Grooming, Costume, etc.) 15%
  3. Presentation 50%
  4. Effort 20%


  1. Magical Content 15%
  2. Technique 15%
  3. Deportment (Grooming, Costume, etc.) 30%
  4. Presentation: 40%

The applicant’s acceptance will depend on the score he/she gets during the 10th-week performance.The applicants will be sworn to uphold the code of secrecy. Breaking the code knowingly or unknowingly during the initiation period will be ground for non-acceptance.

Acceptance of the applicant(s) upon his/her 10th week of attendance, as affirmed by the officers of the Club, is still subject to his paying the yearly dues.

Applicants must pay their full membership dues upon assessment and/or notice of collection by the Club Treasurer.

Failure to do so after several requests by the Treasurer, without valid reason, can be ground for the revocation of his/her acceptance.


145 thoughts on “How to Apply for Membership”

  1. dear IMC im SKY 18 yrs old…i write my comments to your club bec. since i learn magic trick i promise to my self that one day i will join a magic club…and the thing that i choose your club bec. i know that your club may help to pursue my performance as a magician…so i want to join your club and i don’t know how…IMC can u help to join your club???thanks IMC and more power to your group.

  2. Hi Sky,

    Attend one of our weekly meetings first and observe. We meet every Wednesday at Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant at Mother Ignacia corner Scout Borromeo Streets in Quezon City.

    You are welcome to attend. If you feel you want to be with the group, you will have a long talk with Rael, Chairman of our Committee on Membership. He will tell you what you ought to do to apply for membership in IMC.

    Basically he will advise you of the points discussed in this post. So re-read this article. Be sure that you can arrange your schedule for the next 10 weeks in such a way that you won’t miss a meeting.

    Next week, two aspirants will begin their initiation process.

    Good luck. See you in one of our meetings.

  3. Johnuel B. Isaac said:

    Hi my name is Johnuel isaac and i’m willing to join your happy club pls mail me im a filipino and im at taguig place

  4. Hi Johnuel,there’s no need to mail you anything. All the requirements for joining IMC are spelled out in the post.

    Attend one of our meetings at Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant on Mother Ignacia corner Borromeo streets, Quezon city. We meet every Wednesday from 8PM onward.

    When you are there, look for Rael, our Chairman on Membership Committee.

  5. Inner Magic Club,

    I would like to attend one of your meeting to join but i work in a call center and i would like to ask if there are any other times that i could attend, i could make it on wednesdays but will only be able to stay until 10pm. would that be enough to start the 10 consecutive meetings?

  6. Hi, there’s no other time to attend meetings. We meet only once a week at Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant, corner Mother Ignacia and Scout Borromeo streets, Quezon City. Our meeting starts at 8.30PM.

    Yes, we will consider your application even if you stay only up to 10AM. We will put you early in our agenda, so you won’t be late for your call center job.

    I suggest you come before 8:30PM, so you can assimilate with other members. One of the purposes of the 10-week initiation process is to allow applicants to bond with the members of the Club.

    Good luck. Drop by our meeting place whenever you are ready.


  7. hello,
    is there any contact number that i can call so that when i attend next wed i know that its the group meeting???


  8. Get in touch with Edgar or Danny, head waiters of Pepeton’s. They will show you our meeting room.

  9. John Paul Melosantos said:

    Dear IMC,

    I am a researcher for ABSCBN shows, I would like to ask for a contact number you can send it through my email.

    I would like to request for access to anyone who could help us in our creative process, especially those inspired by magic.

    Please help us learn the lives of Pinoy Magicians.

    Thanks for your kindness and consideration

  10. Hi John, I sent you an email, but it bounced.

    If you want any help regarding you research on magic, send an email to

  11. gofamodimo gopolang said:

    my dream from my early ages was to become a magician,i have tried all the magic club to accomodate me but non have exactly what can i do to becoome one iam from botswana and there are no magician in botswana who will help me

    i will be happy if you can help me

  12. Hi,

    I’m glad you found this blog. We are ready to help aspiring magicians, wherever they are in the world. You have to be more specific, though, what kind of help you need.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have international chapters in Botswana to accept your membership. If there’s a local ring near you, try applying for International Brotherhood of Magician’s (IBM) membership. You can go to their website read about their requirements. Or, you may want to join the Magic Cafe Forums ( You can ask questions there, and lots of knowledgeable members will post helpful replies.

    Good luck and stay magical.


  13. im harley ong i want to learn more abaot street magic and atage magic im filipino

  14. Hi Harley,you can learn things not only about street and stage magic but also other aspects of the art if you become a member Inner Magic Club.

    Attend one of our meetings as observer. Then decide if this is a group you want to be a part of.

    Best regards,


  15. Hi I’m Ronal, a professional Musician Musical Composer/Arranger by profession. I’m very much interested in joining your prestigious group of magicians but the thing is i have a regular playing an recording stint evry wed, do you meet any other day aside wed? Thanks and best regards to your fold.

  16. Ronald is my name i mean…

  17. Hi Ronald, I’m sure you’ll fit right in when you join our Club. Unfortunately, we meet only once a week, and that’s every Wednesday.


  18. hi i’m paul and i live in manila, chinatown, i’m a chinese that already stay in philippine for 13 years, and i learn magic for about 2 years. Can i know any information about the magic shop/group/session/ring in manila ? because i’m only 16 yearsold and that’s difficult to go to quezon city. thanks!

  19. Hi Paul, nice to hear from you.

    We have members of Chinese descent like you. One is a 16-year-old high school student who is into card and coin manipulation. He lives in Paranaque, probably further away from Quezon City than where you are. As high school student, he brings his class assignments to the meeting and do it there in between discussions and performances.

    We have members further South, as far as Cavite and San Pablo, Laguna. They attend the meeting regularly every Wednesday. You see, if you are dedicated to your art, other workaday concerns and distance don’t matter.

    I’m sorry to tell you there are no magic clubs in Manila. That is, none that I know of. If you are interested to join us, you have to commute quite a distance, but not as much as our members coming from faraway Cavite and Laguna.

    Best regards,


  20. ah ok thank you very much, i will think of it , can i know how much the membership fee is if i want to join the club? Can i join meeting if i’m not very well in sleight of hand? but i really interest to magic. thanks!

  21. sorry i forget to ask, on what time of wednesday will the meeting start and finish?

  22. The meeting will start at 8:30PM, every Wednesday at Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant, Mother Ignacia corner Scout Borromeo streets, Quezon City. The business portion of the meeting will last only for about one hour, but most magicians stay around to show each other new tricks, entertain visitors, or just enjoy each other’s company until around 2 o’clock in the morning.

    The annual fee is P2,500 for the first year, and P1,200 for the second year and every year thereafter.

    If you are a hobbyist or beginner, you will not be required to perform advance magic. That means you can performa small or simple tricks during your initiation period.

    We don’t look for skills and expertise from beginners. Rather we are more interested in their attitude, the intensity of their interest in magic, their willingness to learn and fit in our group.

    Best regards,


    • wow this is the best message that i ever read from a magician, some of the clubs are looking for a quality of those magician who can perform well.but that phrase really turn me into a positive magician.that this club is not looking for a skills but on the desire to be a magician.its not my fault to become beginner but with that desire i can be professional as others..thank you very much for this hope i can join in your club.thanks.

  23. Jon&Cris said:

    Hi Leodini,

    We are brothers’ who are into street magic, (mearly beginners)we would like to take our craft into the next level by learning “serious” magic, we would like to attend one of your meetings as observers. please let us know what we need to prepare on our meet. and do have magic classes?

    Thank you

    Jon & Cris

  24. Jon and Cris,

    There’s no preparation needed except to be ready to enjoy an evening of magic.

    We don’t offer magic classes. We are not a school. But joining us will give you access to the sources of information, props and literature.

    See you around.


  25. Hi Leodini ^^

    My name is Jeff, Im from Sn. Pedro Laguna & I am doin street magic for almost two years. And I want to Expand my knowledge and to learn from pros. I have a work now so I want to ask if you guyz hve a near meeting area here in Laguna coz the time is 8:30 Pm so I think its kinda far for me on my way back home… I hope you can help?

  26. Hi Jeff,

    I’m sorry. We don’t have a meeting place near you.

    Best regards,


  27. Dear Leodini,

    I just make this inquiry if you can give me your contact address and full details on how to apply here in Cebu City.

    Thank you,

  28. Hi Mark,

    Maayong adlaw sa inyong tanan sa Cebu.

    Unfortunately, IMC has no local chapeter in Cebu, so it’s not possible to accept membership from there.

    If you can gather a few magicians and organize a Cebu Chapter of IMC, we will extend some help in the organization process.

    Let us know if you are interested, because we also like to put up a chapter in Cebu.

    Best regards,


  29. Hi im eric from iloilo city, im wondring if pwede akong maging member ng inner circle if im based here sa iloilo city. ty

  30. Hi Eric,

    As of now, we have no way of accepting out-of-town applicants. However, if you can gather 10 or more magic enthusiasts in Iloilo, we will consider opening a local chapter in your city.

    Just let us know…


  31. hi.
    I am very interested in learning magic tricks.
    Do you teach new members in your group. I have basically no knowledge in magics and tricks.
    But would be very willing to learn.
    How much is your membership fee? How many days do I need to attend in order to learn magic



  32. Hi Enyw,

    Inner Magic Club is not a school of magic, therefore it does not teach magic tricks (or expose them)to anyone.

    However, we have members whose business is to teach magic. You can approach them individually and study under them.

    Our membership fee is P2,500 for the first year, and P1,200 thereafter.

    How fast or slow your progress as a student really depends upon your willingness to learn and your innate talent. Some students learn faster than others. You have to discover for yourself how teachable you are.

    Stay magical,


  33. Dear Leodini

    My name is Bryan, Im from Cabanatuan City., But im staying now here in Mandaluyong. I Really want to learn magic and tricks., bcos i want to give happiness to other people and also im very willing to learn.. I want to visit your place sometime.. i hop you help me to become a good magician someday.. Thank you and Godbless

  34. Hi Bryan,

    You are welcome to visit us at the Club.

    We are here to help every lover of magic who wants to spread the appreciation of magic in the Philippines.

    Stay magical,


  35. Good Day Mr. Leodini., This is Bryan again.. Can i ask where ur club is?.. and wat day can i go in your club.. thanku..

  36. Inner Magic Club meets every Wednesday at Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant, Mother Ignacia corner Scout Borromeo streets, Quezon City. Our meeting starts at 8:30PM.


  37. Tristan said:

    Hello!I am interested in joining your group. I am from Los Banos, Laguna and I have started learning magic, specifically card magic. I think that joining your group will allow me to expand my magic repertoire, and improve myself on a lot of stuff. Just one question though, how good do I have to be to join your group. I’m not very good yet, and I’m still learning. Thanks.

  38. Hi, we accept applicants regardless of skill level, from beginners to advanced practicioners. As long as you are interested in magic, we will consider your application.

    You are always welcome to attend our meetings to observe if you like.


  39. Bong Castillo said:

    Greetings IMC,

    I am quite a late bloomer at 48 but a magic enthusiast in actual fact.Kindly advise me if I can still enhance my iota of knowlege in performing sleights/close-up magic at my age. Likewise I am really interested in joining your group.

    Thank you and best regards!

  40. Hi Bong,

    Learning magic depends on the person’s attitude, not on his age.

    You can be nine or 90, and still learn magic with equal facility with other age groups provided you are willing to learn.

    Magic is NOT easy. Performing it can be one of the most challenging skills to learn. To the true lovers of magic, however, the challenge is what makes magic enchanting. In fact, many students find magic more enjoyable the more challenges they meet on the road of studying it.

    If you are the kind of person who enjoys challenges, come join us, and we will help you discover and savor the joys of the art of magic. Learning to perform magic is limited only by the amount of time and effort (and oftentimes money)you are wiling to spend for your study.

    Stay magical,


  41. Good day Leodini,

    Thank you so much for your inspiring words and for taking time to answer my call for advice. It really boosted my interest more in learning the art of MAGIC.

    Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the team in the Inner Magic Club.

    Best regards, more power and GOD bless!

  42. to:imc

    baguhan p lng po ako, a carditian po.mtgal tgal n rn po ako ng street magic,and i realy wnna join a club.lhat po ng magician n nkausap ko,kyo ang can i apply po b?pls. txt me nmn po.i really wanna learn more about d art.pls imc let me join ur is my # 09062778410 17yrs old po pla ako.tnxill be waiting

  43. Hi,

    To apply, go to Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant at Mother Ignacia corner Scout Borromeo streets on Wednesdays at 8PM. Look for the Chairman of Membership Committee. He’ll guide you in your application.


  44. rj abella said:

    tnx po sir.leodini geh po ill try to go at pepetons grill sa wenesday..tnx po

  45. sir,
    good day, i am abel a diaz, just a beginner and still studying more magic by watching dvd instructional video and reading books, i want to be part of your group to learn more and to enchance my skils… sir how to join your group? my kontak number is 09193912163 … maraming salamat po.

  46. Hi Abel,

    I have answered this question several times already. Please read the main article and all the comments that follow it. The answers to your question are all there.

    Stay magical,


  47. sir its wed today , do you have a meeting tonight?can i go there and be an observer?thanks

  48. Hi Abel,

    Yes, you are welcome to attend and observe. If you decide to apply, see our Chairman on Committee on Membership, Rael.

    Stay magical,


  49. Hi,
    I’m JoBZ, 21y/o currently studying. Ever since I was a child, I really like to learn and do magic to friends and relatives although those tricks that I’ve learned in the past are just “fraud” tricks that I’ve read on a book entitled “Magic made easy”. The tricks that you’ll learn from it are just for kids that you can “Uto-Uto”.
    What I really wanted is to learn serious magic tricks that I can show it to anyone and make them believe that magic is a real thing. I would like to learn serious magic tricks and join you club.
    What would it take me to learn (serious) magic tricks and join your club.

    Thanks in Advance!! ^_^

  50. Hi JoBZ.

    The title of this article is “How to Apply for Membership”. Please read it and all the comments after it. The requirements for membership application, where to apply, to whom to apply, what day to apply, what time to apply, how much is the yearly dues, the process of initiation, etc.—all this information is in the article and the comments. There’s nothing more I can add to what has been discussed.

    Good luck.


  51. Joh Michael said:


    I’m John Michael, can I join into your club, even I don’t know any magic trick. Can I ask sir, if magic is really real or not.

  52. Hi John,

    Yes, you can apply. Whether you will be accepted is altogether another matter. You have to undergo a rigorous initiation period. Your attitude will be evaluated together with your knowledge in magic.

    if you believe in it, magic can be as real as you want it to be.


  53. John Michael said:

    I have another question about magic, Sir. Is magic has a
    ritual book or ceremonial or it has been spoken its spell/ritual before it will work.

  54. You may be confusing magic entertainment with black magic or witchcraft.

    Stop watching too much Harry Potter movies.

    Stay magical,


  55. Thanks for the reply, Salamat kaayo.

    Yes, i always watch magic shows from great entertainers like david copperfield, david blain, eric mana from dvd copy.
    i was captivated by their performance. how did they do their tricks/magic. i like magic very much.
    that’s also help me encourage to join. Unfortunately cebu doesnt’ have club like there’s in quezon city.
    this letter let you know how interested i am.
    thanks for IMC for the reply.
    just let me know when your going to start here!

    hail leodoini and IMC!

  56. magicaljulius said:

    this site really helps… thanks for all the tips and the learning. this site makes it definite that IMC is elite… i hope i can be part of your group. more power!

    (sana ‘di pa ubos ang ticket para sa remix)

    -juls, hobbyist-

  57. hi,
    i’m 19..i always wanted to learn magic tricks since i was a child..but i know that trick cards and gadgets have a price..but i’m still eager to learn..can i know how much is the fee during the application if there is any..and also the fee that is collected when you are already a member…is the tricks free when you are a member or we have to provide our own??

    thank you…Godspeed!!!!

  58. Dear Leodini,

    iam jhay from bacoor cavite i met one of your member in SM Bacoor and told me about this site… iam a begginer but i want to be a pro… i hope we have time to talk … iam looking forward in joining your club and do all my best tnx and more power


    ohh iam mastering card and thumbtip!! and some of coin magic tnx ^^

    • Hi Jhay,

      Nice to know you found this blog. Please visit us in one of our weekly meetings, so you can assess for yourself if joining the Club is good for you.


  59. iam here agian mr.leodini i met MIFER in bacoor and told me about this… can u tel me what can this very good club help me tnx for the compliment

  60. Kiko Santos said:

    Where do I get in touch with your office, address and telephone number bcoz i am interested to learn and be educated.

  61. Hi,

    We meet every Wednesday at 8 PM at Pepeton’s Grill and Restauran, Mother Ignacia corner Scout Borromeo. Look for the Club Secretary or for the Chairman of Membership Committee. He’ll guide you in your application.


  62. hello sir!

    i am interested to join your club & ‘hope soon!!!
    i am a hobbyist magician/mentalist and can only perform for friends ‘coz i’m a shy type,and maybe joining your club may boost my ego.though this may not be categorized as “magic”, one of the skill that i am developing now is to memorize a shuffled whole deck of playing there a present philippine record for the fastest time in doing this?
    many thanks and more power….

  63. Hi Biboy,

    If there’s a Philippine record of the fastest memorization time for playing cards, I don’t know about it.


  64. Francis Gamboa said:

    hi sir,I’m Taro From Binangonan Rizal.My friend mention ur club to me.I believe his a member of inner magic?he is Erwin Cervo.,Iam very interested to learn magic tricks. right now I’m just watching tutorials from youtube and try to do their tricks. I want to improve my Knowledge about this,can you help me?or suggest any dvd tutorial?I want to be part of your club but I dont know if I’m qualified?!
    thank you sir…

  65. You wouldn’t know if you are qualified until you apply.


  66. hi sir..

    i would like to know if you help younger magicians perform in the streets?or in stage?.. i specialize in card magic, but im a little shy performing in streets, to unknown people.

    • Join IMC. Maybe the camaraderie and the opportunities you get to perform live for people will cure your shyness. The more you perform the more you build your confidence.

      Stay magical,


  67. sir im only 16 years old i specialize in card trick i want to develope it more i know the basic of card trick like the basic pass could you tell me where to learn more or if i can join your club

    • Hi Paolo,

      Inner Magic Club is not a school of magic, so we don’t teach magic. However, joining the Club will afford you opportunities to meet the professional magicians of IMC, who are well respected in the industry. You can certainly learn from them.

      Joining the Club will also give you opportunity to enter into our competitions, perform at our public shows, and have access to literature on magic and sources of props.

      Since we have young members of the Club of about your age, you will not feel alone. You can visit the Club as an observer, then if you are really interested to be part of the group, file your application and go through the initiation process.

      Good luck,


  68. dear IMC

    sir i just want to ask if its ok to join even i have other club??
    i am a newbie street magician i want to join your club bcoz i want to improve my skills, to explore the community of magicians, to know also d art of stage magic and to have more friends tnx alot im hoping 4 our response tnx

    and i also want to know if there is also a street magicians in your club?? tnx po

    GODBLESS!!! more power IMC

    • Hi Vanz,

      Yes, you are welcome to join IMC even if you are already a member of another Club.

      Just read carefully the requirements for membership, then follow religiously the initiation process, and you are assured entry to the elite group of magicians in the country.

      Good luck,


  69. edgardo said:

    hi mr. leodini im edgardo from binangonan rizal and i want to join in your club but the problem is im too far from your place
    do you have a branch near here in binangonan???????
    good luck and more power thanks

  70. hi imc,

    does your group have an age limit?
    cause i’m just 13


  71. Thanks

  72. i watched one of your competitions at pepetons. i saw many of the magicians in the flesh that i only once watched on t.v. like sir chris & d’ ever living jeff tam (those shown in channel 2’s KALYE and Channel 7’s bearwins show b4). i do tricks only to my friends and relatives,but performing in front of many people, i feel im gonna melt and will evaporate into thin a poor talker,poor dancer,i shake bcoz of nervousness and somewhat awkward oftentimes.aside from the mentioned requirements,would this inability of mine would give hindrance if i wish to become an imc member…by the way i really enjoy the bravo dove production, the zombie ball, “The cowboy champion” von joker’s dancer and the slydon card and multiplying ball routine…

    • If you are willing to learn to perform magic, there is no hindrance to becoming an accomplished performer.

      Practice, practice, practice…then perform, perform, perform to overcome all you fears and lack of confidence.

      Stay magical,


  73. hi sir!!

    ..can join in your magic club..i came from laguna..
    sir,can i know what’s the requirements in joining your club…


  74. Niel,

    Read the post above and all the comments following it. How to join IMC is all spelled out there.

    Stay magical,


  75. sir do have a branch in alabang???

  76. fernan Castillo said:

    It’s nice to be a member of your club. I’m zero knowledge about magic, but I want to learn. I hope you can help me.


    • Hi Fernan,

      We all started with zero knowledge, even the best magicians in the world. If you are interested to learn, you will find a way to gain knowledge.

      Stay magical,

  77. kenneth harry sisperez said:

    hi i am from bataan,i like to be a street magician,how can i join if i were here in bataan because i’am studying here right now

    • Hi Kenneth,

      I’m sorry that at this time we can’t accept out-of-town members. One of the requirements to become an IMC member is to pass a 10-week initiation period. You have to show up every meeting for 10 weeks to be able to finish the initiation.

      Stay magical,

  78. mike batiao said:

    hi there! i’m really interested in learning magic, is there anyone in the IMC who offers teaching magic? if ever there is someone how can I contact them? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Mike,

      Yes, we have members who teach magic. You have to show up in one of our meetings, so we can interview you. We entertain only serious students. We discourage the mere curious from taking a peek at our work. We take our magic very seriously and don’t intend to give away our secrets to those with only passing fancy on art.

      I hope you understand.


  79. Magician Manoj Kumar said:

    I’ll be glad to join I M C if you have any Indian office or any branch in India.

    • Thanks for you interest in joining Inner Magic Club. As of this time, we have no provisions on accepting members from other countries.

      Just the same, I appreciate it if you constantly visit this blog.


  80. Magician Manoj Kumar said:

    Thanks for your early response.If you are interested I’ll start Indian I M C under your guideline attached to your I M C.

  81. Magician Manoj Kumar said:

    It will.Once you & I understood each other in all manner,after that we on both side discuss with our fellow magicians.

  82. Hello Mr. Leodini, I am from Iligan and I was wondering whether you have any IMC branches? Or is it only in Quezon? I know that you already said in quite a few comments above that there aren’t any, but since they were from a while ago, I was hoping that you would have made branches. And also, you said that you have members who teach magic, is it ok if you could email me their contact info? Preferably those in the Mindanao area. I really want to learn magic. Thanks and more power to IMC.

    • Hi Aries, it’s nice to hear from someone in Iligan.

      I have lived in Iligan for 10 years as employee of Philippine National Bank. I got married in your city, had three children before my promotion to the PNB Head Office.

      We have had several magicians in the provinces (and even from Africa and India), who expressed interest in opening an IMC chapter in their locality. Though we are enthusiastic about the possibility IMCs in the provinces, nothing has come about this idea to date.

      Yes, we have members who conduct tutorials on magic, but you need to be present in their classes. I don’t believe they have long-distance teaching modules as of now.

      Your best course of action in your study of the art is to buy books and DVD instructional materials. If you need guidance in this, just drop me an email. I will post an article that might be helpful.

      Stay magical,


  83. Eduardo(aka BATMAN) said:

    Mr. Leodini

    I am from Davao City and i am very enthusiast in MAGIC. I want to know if you have a branch here. If none, can we put up one? I can gather more than 10 magic enthusiast to become members and maybe eventually gather up more and more members.

    I uploaded some of my sleights in youtube (in the link below)

    Thank very much for the time and i hope to hear from you soon.



    • Hi Eduardo,

      No, Inner Magic Club has no chapter in Davao. However, we have a member, Jame Infiesto, who is a resident of Davao City.

      I welcome the idea of an IMC chapter in Davao. I will bring it out in the next Board meeting, and advise you when and how to proceed in organizing one in your city.

      Stat magical,

  84. Mr. Leodini,

    Thank you so much for the quick reply. I hope it will become a reality and we’ll be able to put up a chapter here in Davao City.

    Please contact me of updates in your board meeting ( if approved)here in my email add

    Thank you once again and more power to your organization.


  85. Hello..Mr.Leodini..

    I am from Daet Camarines Norte.. gusto ko po malaman kung may branch po kayo dito sa bikol region..gustong gusto ko po matuto malaman ang iba pang magic para mag perform sa stage at sa birthday party,pero po hindi sapat ang aking kakayahan..gusto ko po sana sumali sa inyong club..dream ko po tlga maging international magician..20years old po akoh..san ko po ba pwedeng puntahan sa manila ang inyong club..umaasa po ako n matutulungan nyu ako..thankz…

    Gumagalang poh Richard..

    • Hi Richard,

      I’m sorry that IMC has no chapter in Bicol.

      It’s good you have a lofty dream. If you are willing to work hard, I have no doubt you will achieve it one day.

      We hold our meeting every Wednesday at 8:30PM at Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant, corner Scout Borromeo and Mother Ignacia Streets, Quezon City.

      Stay magical,

  86. GoodMorning po Mr.Leodini..

    Thankz po bka po mkapunta ako sa manila makadaan ako dyan..gusto ko po malaman kong may bayad ang pag pasok sa inyong club..kung makakapasok po ako sa inyong club pwede po ba mag stay in n lng din ako dyan..Salamat po…

    Gumagalang Richard..

  87. Wala po ba kayong schedule na show dito sa Davao City?

    • Hi Emjay,

      We have no shows coming up in Davao City. But I will be in Iligan City on July 24 for a two-show engagement.

      Stay magical,


  88. Hello Leodini,

    I m from Davao City. I want to be a part of IMC, I just wanna ask this. Does it require me to attend the 10 consecutive meetings? Any consideration to those outside NCR who want to join IMC?


    • Hi,

      The 10-consecutive-meeting rule applies to all aspirants, regardless of residence.

      As of now, there is no plan to relax the rule.

      Stay magical,


  89. Hello Mr. Leodini,

    My name is Lyn. I am very much interested to learn magic.
    As a start I’d like to read books and watch dvd’s on how to perform magic.
    Could you recommend a book or dvd for a beginner like me?
    My main purpose is to entertain kids, relatives and friends.
    Maybe I could use it also to entertain kids when I do charity works for kids.
    Hoping someday to meet you and the rest of IMC members at your meeting when atleast I know a little of the tricks.
    Thank you and more power to you and the rest of IMC.

    • Hi Lyn, it’s good to know that you are interested in learning to perform magic.

      Magic to “entertain kids” is vastly different from magic to “entertain relatives and friends”.

      They are two different types of audiences needing two different sets of skill.

      While children may be easy to “fool”, they are difficult to entertain. The humor that makes them laugh are on the slapstick and silly sides. According to kid magician Silly Billy, children place a premium on the journey (the bits of business toward the trick) than the magic moment itself.

      To learn more about children’s magic, you may want to look into Professional Magic for Children by David Ginn and Seriously Silly by Silly Billy.

      As for the relatives and friends, they are a difficult audience because they are familiar of you. They know you don’t have magic powers, even though you claim to be a magician. For that matter, you need stronger stuff and carefully thought-up presentations to impress them.

      The trend today is toward DVD instructions. While there are many good books out there, for a beginner wanting to learn magic quickly, you will do well going via the DVD route. You can’t go wrong studying the videos of Michael Ammar, Bill Malone, Jay Sankey and Gregory Wilson, just to mention a few.

      Stay magical,

  90. hi sir,

    can i join your club even i am not good in magic performance?
    i know i am a begginer.i am only 16 yrs old and i leave in cavite.
    i dont know how to commute from cavite to quezon city.cno po ung hhnpin ko pgnandun n ko s restaurant?bka po kc aklaing custumer lng dn ako.
    sana po mksli ako s inyu.desidido po tlga ako.
    salamat po

    • Hi Dan, membership fee for the first year is P2,500. It is only P1,200 on the second year.

      The criteria for acceptance are in the article. Please read it again, as I have no more inclination to repeat myself.

      Stay magical,


  91. tska mgkno po ung registration fee?

  92. 2500? for the whole year?pwede pob un installment?

  93. is there any magic club in cavite?i really want to join your group

  94. Hi Leo,
    How many people usually attend your weekly meetings? I’m planning to drop by tomorrow as an observer to see if I can fit in. Also, how does a regular meeting go in terms of agenda? Will there be presentations, hands-on teaching activities and the like? I apologize if these questions have already been asked; I tried to back-read as much as I can and may have missed out some info. But don’t worry, I’m not gonna ask for any of the stuff that are already written in the article ;-)


  95. Hi Morris,

    We usually have more than 20 guests and members attending every meeting. Tomorrow, however, we expect a full house, because the Club will celebrate the victories of two of its members who won first and third prizes in the recently held Magikerong Pilipino contest.

    You are welcome to drop by. The evening’s program usually starts with the business meeting, which will run up to one hour or more. Tomorrow’s agenda is the nomination of candidates for the the election next week, the upcoming magic show in Dingle, Iloilo, and some other matters. Then we will have a video viewing of IMC’s last competition. After that, fellowship, drinking, magic performances, or just conversations with each other until the wee hours.

    You can stay as long or as short as you want.

    There’s a minimal entry free that covers one drink.

    Stay magical,


  96. Hi Leo,
    it was nice meeting you last wednesday. I enjoyed the company of the members and guests. Do you mind me asking what the perks are in becoming part of your club?

    • Hi Morris,

      The real advantage of joining the Club is that you get to associate with other member magicians, some of them the top performers in the country. Although we emphasize that our association is not a school of magic (we don’t teach tricks), a beginner is likely to develop faster his magic in the environment of the Club than if he studies all by himself.

      This is because he gets to see other skillful magicians perform live, exchange ideas, gets updates on the latest tricks in the market, share with them performing tips. The tips will save him years of trial-and-error if he chooses to study alone.

      The Club also guides and helps members into growing up as performers, by creating an environment that allows and encourages them to develop their talents. We believe that for a beginning magician to improve faster, he must be goaded to perform. Magic is a performing art. No matter how vast one’s theoretical knowledge in performing it, he will not become a performer unless he performs.

      Thus the Club holds monthly competitions, brings members abroad to join international magic contests, stages theater shows for the public, and even organizes provincial excursions where the group performs magic at special events in some parts of the country.

      Stay magical,

  97. Hi Leodini,

    I was a memeber of Salamangka Filipino Inc… I want to join a club but I’m residing here
    in UAE. At the same time I want to organize a group of pinoy magicians here. Apparently,
    I will not be able to attend meetings, and present my magic show as well.

    Is there any alternative option???



    • Hi Jay,

      None at the moment.

      The alternative is to organize your own group in UAE. That would be great, although it requires a lot of work.

      Stay magical,


  98. I’m starting to work things out, but still no big development.
    There is a group of magicians here but the founder and leaders
    are not pinoys. I wish I can be a member of Inner Magic, so at least
    I can organize the UAE chapter:),,
    Is Joel Garcia still active???



  99. I really want to learn magic. I am from Lipa city, Batangas. Is there any meeting site or initiation place near my place?

    • Hi Richard,

      It’s nice to know you are interested in learning magic. Unfortunately, Inner Magic Club has no provincial chapters, so we cannot hold initiation rites near your place.


  100. where can I learn magic? and how can I learn it?

  101. sir may registration fee po b bago pumasok ng club??

  102. hi Leodini, i only want to learn the mind reading not as an entertainer or performer of magic, do you conduct sessions on mind reading only? tnx*

    • No, I don’t conduct sessions of mind reading or magic or anything. I’m doing what I do as an entertainer. If you don’t want to be an entertainer, I’m the wrong person to ask.


  103. its a serious message from a stranger master leodini, i am actually looking for a school in magic here in the philippines.,.i found nothing but in other country they have the academy just like in college they have subjects and course outline they have on the job training and weekly assignment and it is all about magic,…while knowing you better through this page. i think you are the best person to start magic here in the philippines. we all know that magic is a very sensitive when it comes to secrecy why not trying to have an institution of magic school or likes i believe there will be a lof of enrolees will enroll. thank you very much hope you have a time to think about it thanks and Godbles.

    • Hi Lourjel,

      That’s a good suggestion. I might consider spearheading the establishment of a magic school in the Philippines. A feasibility study is in order.

      Stay magical,

  104. Rj of Malolos said:

    Wow, that would be great! A magic school, damn , i want to be in it…=)

  105. harriosonhoughton said:

    wish i could come sounds alot like the mml well their are a lot of magic soscitys out ther any way good look with yourz

  106. Good day, this is Jed. I am currently a student. I am staying in manila for my studies, but i am from cavite. Been practicing some card magic for four years, but wanted a formal lessosns. Just wondering if i can there would be IMC nearer taft avenue. Thanks.. :)

  107. I don’t write many remarks, however I browsed a few of the remarks here How to Apply for Membership | Leodini’s Inner Magic.
    I actually do have a couple of questions for you if it’s okay. Could it be just me or does it look like a few of these remarks look as if they are coming from brain dead individuals? :-P And, if you are writing on other online social sites, I would like to follow you. Would you make a list of all of all your social networking pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

  108. Hi,

    Just wanted to know if you still conduct your meetings regularly at Pepeton’s. I want to join at least one meeting so I can get to know the details of how to join your prestigious club. Thanks!


  109. Hello redz from boracay…i wanted to join your club. . Do you still accept members or do you still held your meeting every wed?..i really wanna learn a lot of magic…im a beginner…i dont know serious magic as of now..i do simple tricks just for my friends…can i still join you?im willing to pay the annual fee..but i cant go there in manila…is it posible using social websites to be a member of your club?tnx

    • Hi Redz, yes, IMC still accepts new members. Applicants, though, have to show up in our meeting to undergo an initiation process.

      Stay magical,

  110. Hi, leodini!

    I would like to ask if the club is still active. I am interested to learn magic and to join the club. It’s just that my work ends at 8:30PM and I will be coming from BGC, Taguig City. I was hoping that you can still accomodate me even if I’m late.


    • Hi Sofia, Inner Magic Club is active. It is still the elite magic club in the Philippines.

      You have to present your case to the Committee on Membership and see if you can be accommodated, given your schedule. Please come to one of our weekly meetings. It’s held every Wednesday at 8PM in Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant, Mother Ignacia street corner Scout Borromeo, Quezon City.

      If your schedule permits, please watch our anniversary show MAGICALIFRAGILISTRIX on October 15 at 7:30 PM in Meralco Theater. The show is touted to be the grandest locally produced magic show this year.

      Stay magical,

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