We envision to be the premier organization of magicians in the Philippines, respected in Asia, and leader in the development, improvement, and promotion of magic entertainment in the country, whose members are the epitome of excellence in the magical arts.


7 thoughts on “Vision”

  1. ei im jason..just want to ask u guys, how can i join in your club?..i know some magic tricks..
    can u guys tell me ur adress..
    here is my # 0915-77-44-110//(02)533-12-37..
    i’ll be happy if i’l become one of ur ilusionist!!


  2. Hi Jason,

    Please go to “How to Apply for Membership” to see our application requirements. You can find the link on the upper right side of this page.

    Stay magical,



  3. Ted Orlando said:

    Hi Leo,

    Apart from David Elefant doing resp. having done some so-called “mentals” I learned that such (again: “socalled” mentalism) is not that popular in the Philippines, as it rose up to be in Europe.

    During the last 3 months in France,Germany,Hungary, having followed the US, a socalled “Uri Geller Successor” competition was televised over weeks.

    The winner in Germany, for example, did the “5 boxes voice reading” I was allowed to perform as an
    example in this field at the Pepeton´s last Wednesday.

    It would interest me to know, how such effect is attractive to an audience here, as it can by no means be compared with “normal magic”,illusions,let alone with slight of hands abilities.

    Allow me to ask YOU, as from what I read inbetween the lines of your regular very expertly published essays, you seem to emphasise the lion part of magical performances to be ENTERTAINMENT for the audience.

    Such great colleagues like yourself or Rael,Chris,Boy etc. with your/their amazing ability of creating magical effects by their sleights may oppose the socalled field of mentalism, so I would appreciate to hear your opinion on that.

    My own point of view, pls. excuse, if you do not agree with that, is that “mentalism” has its place
    in the magic field also like “comedy magic”, which likewise is not always real hard sleight of hand work. (Just think of the hilarious simple tricks of the late T.Cooper.)

    Best wishes,

    Ted Orlando


  4. Hi Ted,

    Thanks for your great performance last Wednesday. We surely enjoyed your performance of the “5-box voice reading”. I have to confess, you baffled a roomful of magicians that night.

    As to your questions, let me answer them tomorrow in the main pages of the blog. I will write a long article and try to give you an idea on the state of mentalism in the Philippines.

    Stay magical,



  5. Ted Orlando said:

    Thank you, dear Leodini, Mr. President of the IMC,for your highly appreciated comments,however, I was not fishing for compliments, but am still very keen on listening to your professional opinion on this field, in fact, may-be in the region of generally enhancing the volume of “mental effects” presentations, not only within IMC internal shows,but at public venues also.
    I had included one or two of such effects in a recent hotel show here,but was really not able to judge, if this was fully appreciated as “magic” or “simply” as a “wonder”, if you know, what I mean.
    So very much looking forward to your announced essay.
    Thank you, Leodini!
    Ted Orlando


  6. Ted Orlando said:

    Dear Leo,
    thank you, and I have replied under the other forum
    address underneath your letter of 10th.
    Hope you received that. ASt any rate, Thank You very much for your most appreciated positive reaction.
    Yours magically and in friendship.


  7. hii i would lyk to know some magic tricks please please


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