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The Philippine magic community comprises likable folks, but it also has members with excellent talents in being annoying.

pexels-photo-210804.jpegMy pet peeve is Filipino magicians who demand originality even from the greenest beginning performers.

Aspiring artists in other fields don’t seem to go through the “you ought to be original” crucible when they were just starting out as artists.  No Jennifer Lopez would tell a neophyte singer, “Here are seven notes.  Go ahead write your own song.”

Nor a Stephen King demand from a grade one pupil, “Here are the 26 letters of the alphabet, write your own original novel.” wood-cube-abc-cube-letters-48898.jpeg

In the magic field, the condition is harsher. By hints or by blunt words, beginners get many exhortations to be original.

“Exhortations” sometimes escalate to public shaming, a pastime by some Facebook habitues.

If memory serves me right, it was American short story writer O. Henry who once claimed (humorously ) that all Christmas stories have been written. Therefore, one can’t write a Christmas story anymore without repeating other authors.

I suspect the same thing is true with magic. There are only a few magical plots. Any effect “invented” today can only end up as a rehash, a derivative or an improvement of older effects. Many are claimed to be “inspired” or “influenced” by older versions.

Thus, if you think hard about the so-called creative process in the magic world, a number of magic tricks created today mostly resemble fruit salads —- “a little Vernon here, a little Marlo there, mix, write an e-book about it or video it, release it online, and, Viola!, an original creation.”

Or is it a fruit salad?

In my book fruit salad is not original, no matter how you mix the ingredients or which latest, state-of-the-art, microchip-powered salad mixer you use to mix stuff. The concoction you come up with is still not original. Chances are, somebody, somewhere, eons ago had mixed his salad that way already.animal-ara-macao-beak-bird-40984.jpeg

Now don’t quote me on that.  These thoughts are not original with me. I picked them from somewhere and parroted them.

Stay magical,