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Some young magicians in the Philippines suffer from the false belief that their hard-earned sleight-of-hand skill is itself magic.

The truth is that sleight-of-hand, secret moves, expert techniques and manipulative dexterity by themselves are not magic.

They become magical only if the performer presents them in such a way they hook the audience emotionally and create an illusion that induces spectators to suspend their disbelief.

Being a move-maven is not bad.  The manipulative moves and the knuckle-busting sleights may be the reasons that drew enthusiasts to magic in the first place.

Practicing long hours to get the sleights down pat can be a delightful way to pass the time. Provided aspiring magicians don’t get lulled into believing that moves by themselves are enough to entertain lay audiences, they will be, in most part, amuse people with their performance.

Also, if they perish the thought that skillful, difficult sleights are by themselves magical, then they will learn how to harness those skills to produce magic.

Failing to do that, they would be forever puzzling over why audiences are not only unbaffled but also bored.

The nature of the beast is that performing magic transcends moves.

That’s a profound statement. I don’t understand it myself. But I write it anyway to sound smart.

Stay Magical,