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books photo: Books books2.jpgMost people believe that persons who read a lot are intelligent.

Omnivorous readers have a reputation for being profound thinkers. Having a good grasp of everything, they can converse with anyone about any topic.

To make it to the list of intellectuals, I read everything that is dangled to me. It is a time-consuming habit, but I invest several hours a day on it just so I could sound erudite.

I read not only posts on online forums of magicians, but everything else—including labels of corn beef cans.

fortune cookies photo: Fourtune_1 IMG_1279.jpgI read fortune cookies. I read Meralco bills. I read people’s minds.

With the advent of smartphones, I read messages, Facebook posts, and articles on reading messages and Facebook posts.

Over the years, the only document I have not yet read is my marriage contract. For some reason, I don’t want to know what’s in it.

palm reading photo: Fortune Teller KitzPicsIntercon-HongKong299.jpgLately, I have been reading people’s palms, which I find interesting to do, especially if at the other end of the palm is a good-looking girl.

Stay magical,