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Here is the stuff I love the most as a magician in the Philippines: 

New Moves –  magicians in the Philippines—and all over the world —love new moves.  They admire manual dexterity. They love knuckle-busting methods to manipulate billiard balls.  Fingers that twist as if with arthritis during a difficult sleight-of-hand get admiring “oohs” and “aahs”, even though the magic is lost due to the contorted configuration of the hand.

New Techniques – How many ways you can lift two cards off a deck? Go ahead count ‘em.  The National Statistics Office have lost the inclination to do so, as soon as it saw the third variation of a double lift. Still, many magicians get a blissful glow in their eyes every time you show them an nth to the power of the third variation of the double lift just published in an eBook. 

New Props – Some magicians have been spreading the gospel of “packs flat, plays big” magic.  They rue the proliferation of props—especially large, ornate, garishly painted props.  Nobody seems to heed their counsel, though.  Or admonition.  Or, if you want me to be graphic about it, their thrashing about like epileptics. Magic stores still continue to produce large, ornate, garishly painted props.  Magicians all over the world snap them up when they hit the shelves.

Why do I know all this?

Because I’m a magician in the Philippines.  Like you, I love new moves, new techniques, and new props. I adore them every day from morning till afternoon.

Stay magical,