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drunk photo: drunk BeerFishingm_a4cfc6f.pngOf course, there are bad audiences.

Drunks are bad.  So are talking parents. And teenagers taking group pictures during your Fraidy Cat Rabbit routine.

Most audiences do not start out bad.  Usually, guests don’t arrive at birthday parties already drunk. None intends to trip you up with heckler’s lines they have researched in advance.

boo photo: boo 0PYBYCAT2EZWJCA2S2OHOCAK3IOFDCA223A.jpgBut some nice people do evolve into human beings impervious to your attempts to mystify them. Occasionally you get audience members who are apathetic to your best jokes. Worse, you get to perform to people who are indifferent to even your strongest trick, say, the levitation of the entire audience.

That’s a possibility that occurs more often than we’d care to tolerate. To refuse to acknowledge the prospect of audiences evolving during a performance into species of human beings with attitude and blaming solely the performer for the bombing of a show is to oversimplify a complication.

Stay magical,