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filipinoslaughingWe Filipinos are always laughing because we are a happy race.

The Philippines is in the Far East. We get to see the sun rising ahead of most of the world. Since the sunshine catches us while half of the planet is still sleeping—a happenstance, if you asked me—our happy genes are already working while the genes of half of the world’s people are still resting in slumber.

We Filipinos are always laughing because we are by nature a happy lot. Nudge our funny bones and we laugh. We laugh when we are happy. We laugh even when we are sad.

leyte flood photo: flood enxurrada_4.jpgWe Filipinos are always laughing because we are a brave people. We always put up a brave face even in times of troubles. No food on the table? Debts weighing us down? Houses and belongings washed away by a flood? The brave face is always shown—- laughing, or at least smiling, despite the tribulations.

We Filipinos are always laughing because we are a friendly people. As a race, we are all disciples of Dale Carnegie. We’d rather win friends and influence people than have enemies on Facebook. Just check a Filipino’s account. On average, how many friends he has on Facebook? Maybe in the hundreds. And how many enemies?

We Filipinos are always laughing because we have entertainers everywhere. We have singers, dancers, movie stars and comedians. Having earned accolades on international stages, many are world-class artists. Even our politicians, who sing and dance in campaign sorties, are great entertainers. Listen to the applause and laughter they get from voters.

We Filipinos are always laughing because we have excellent magicians. They go the rounds of the entertainment circuit, bringing joy and happiness to audiences.

Even the not-so-great magicians can make Filipino audiences laugh. He drops his thumb tip on the floor? He loses his grip of the billiard? He fails to escape from the box?

Don’t worry. The Filipinos watching him mess up his tricks still laugh.

filipinoslaughing2It’s not the laughter a performer wants to hear, but it is laughter nonetheless.

Filipino audiences laugh at bad magicians because we Filipinos have funny bones. Tickle us with a little funny act and we laugh out hearts out.

Stay magical and keep laughing,