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corporate christmas party photo: disco ball IMG_7802.jpgI’m still nursing a hangover from performing Christmas parties in December.

January is now going into its second week. But the fun, the dancing lights and the laughter in those parties still ring in my ears.

Corporate Christmas parties are always fun. I have worked in a big universal bank in my previous life. That is why attending company parties give me bouts of nostalgia.

Today, as a performer, company Christmas parties alway put me on my toes.

The program of company Christmas parties always features presentations from different departments. Employees wear colorful costumes. They dance and sing and perform comedy skits on stage.

These presentations are almost always a contest. Prizes galore are up for grabs. Each group has its rah-rah squad. They shout, scream, and howl to the top of their lungs to support their team. The purpose? To influence the judges.

drag queen photo: drag (queen) race 071031_p33_specialpn1.jpgNow imagine this scenario: a group of male employees dressed in drag enters the stage. They give an amateurish presentation. You know, out-of-step dancing and out-of-key singing.

But because they perform as drag queens, they bring down the house. They do nothing special. They just appear on stage in female clothes, and pandemonium ensues.

The bad timing is that the emcee calls me to perform after that riotous number.

If you are like me performing a comedy show, you’ve got to be sharp. No slouching allowed. Otherwise, that amateurish performance will make your professional act look lame.

Stay magical,