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woman-crying-birthdaybirthday party is a live celebration.  When something bad or unexpected happens, one can’t rewind the flow of events and start over.

Some parents, though, get lost in the shuffle and opt to hire the cheapest performer. They have this romanticized notion that the cheapest performer is the best choice. The result is sometimes not the way they expect.

A parent should be forewarned. When a magician quotes a rock-bottom professional fee, it could be because

a. His show sucks.

b. He is inexperienced.

c. He is doing the show to practice his act.

d. He doesn’t have eye-pleasing props.

e. His show doesn’t come with “extras” like a backdrop, sound system, etc.

f. He is doing the show to earn a quick buck.

g. He is not a professional and is undependable.

h. He cannot deliver on his promises to entertain the guests. 

i. All of the above.

wpid-sad-birthdayCaveat emptor is the first rule for super low talent fees.

Stay magical,