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 photo 9a8697a2-a7b9-4dc7-92fd-666776d3885d_zpsksa4o4ds.jpgDear Sir Leodini, I heard you are a secret Casanova, so let me ask you a question about picking up girls.

I am a 28-year-old employee working in an IT office. I study magic to meet and impress girls. I’ve grown a beard like you, so I’d look like an authentic magician. 

I frequent bars and nightclubs. I perform the Ambitious Card routine to whoever is interested in watching. But chicks are often unimpressed with my magic. Can you recommend the best magic tricks to perform, so I can pick up girls easily?


Boy Lothario


Hi Boy Lothario,

You are only 28-years old and you already have defective ears. You are hearing wrong things.

I’m not a Casanova, secret, open or whatever.

I am a magician in the Philippines with the gift of seduction. Hundreds of years ago, ancient prophets prophesied about me.

ancient scrolls photo: Ancient Scrolls ANCIENTSCROLLdark.gifIn the ancient manuscript The End of Days Before the Apocalypse, Chapter 58 verses 16 through 19, the prophet Sed Uction of Timbuktu writes: “Lo and behold, get down on your knees, for on the seventh sabbath of the season of durians, a magical love doctor will rise from the east and teach all ye people the art of love and attraction, spreading passion and pleasure, so that ye shall be forgiven of herpes and spared from Zika virus.”

The prophet Sed Uction is referring to me as the love guru of the pre-Apocalyptic times.

Let me give you the first lesson. Never use magic tricks to pick up girls.

Most girls don’t like magic tricks, especially card tricks. Unless you card has words like Visa or Mastercard on it, forget about performing card tricks to girls.

It’s not important to grow a beard. Grow a brain instead. That way you will understand that magic is entertainment.

Magic is not a seduction technique.

Perform magic to entertain your audience. If girls melt after seeing your magic tricks, consider that as a bonus.

But don’t make that the goal of your show. It’s goal is to entertain the audience, not find girls to go.

I suspect you have a one-gigabyte brain and a 250-gigabyte reproductive organ. You may find the lessons I teach difficult to digest.

 photo 75b36839-b4bc-42cf-8fcb-f2c59ae35dc2_zpsgme0dvt5.jpgBut let me try. Come back tomorrow. I’ll let you in on the secret techniques of how to get the woman of your wet dreams without leaving you stranded in your wet dreams.

Stay magical,