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 photo 0a180ed1-5182-4583-8890-bb1aa54f2fc9_zpstchummqm.jpgI always evade questions that will date me.

For example, when someone asks me for my birthday, I answer, “March 9.”

If the one questioning is a pain-in-the-ass type and pursues the topic with a follow-up question, “What year?”, he gets a smart aleck answer, “Every year.”

sherlock holmes photo: Sherlock Holmes holmes1.jpgYou don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce a person’s age. The dead giveaways are often his preferences in life.

Ask someone his favorite Hollywood movie star. When he answers Telly Savalas, you get a good idea from what decade he’s from.

Ask someone his favorite style of pants, and when he says bell bottom, then you know he’s from the ’70s.

Ask someone his favorite historical figure. When he says Cleopatra, then you know he is from…

Okay, the ploy doesn’t work all the time, but you get the drift.

When someone asks me who is my favorite band, I will not tell them it’s the Beatles.

I know I just did. Now you get a good idea from what era I came from.

I can’t help telling everyone I’m a Beatles fan. I grew up listening to their brand of music.

Today I muse about the group. They are not only genius songwriters. They are also psychics. They wrote a beautiful song that bears an important lesson in performing magic in contemporary time.

That song is The Long and Winding Road. The group wrote it in the late ‘60s. But the relevance of the lesson resonates in today’s performing environment of magic.

In my next post I will write about the magic lessons weaved in the song The Long and Winding Road.

Stay magical,