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writing pen photo: Hand holding Pen Writing.jpgA pleasant day to you, Sir Leodini.  I hope you keep your cool after reading my question. Bakit merong mga magician na mayayabang at maaangas? (Why are there conceited and boastful magicians?)


Mr. Humble


Hi Mr. Humble,

I’ve read your question and I’ve kept my cool.

Isn’t that cool? Me keeping my cool after reading your un-cool question?

Yes, some magicians get swollen-headed after learning a trick or two. Mostly, or two.

They become boastful and cocky. They develop a puff-up attitude after watching too much YouTube magic.

They swagger around showing their awkward double lifts to hapless victims. These swaggering magicians feel they are God’s gift to magic.

god photo: god cid_007f01c534f01d98b6706501a8c0LAM.jpgThey are not. God would never give smart-alecks as a gift to humanity. God doesn’t like cocky magicians performing magic that sucks.

Console yourself with the thought there are just a few smart-alecks who do magic. They are the exception and not the rule.

These egotistical magicians who think they know it all are usually the beginner type. The good news is, they will mellow .

Give them five or ten years. You will see them transform into elegant, respectful performers. The swagger will be gone. In its place is a dignified bearing. A refined  personality.

Cockiness is the attitude of adolescents. Magic attracts fans at this age. Yes, you will find people who get bitten by the magic bug later in life. They succumb to magic’s allures in old age. That’s because they had not outgrown their adolescent attitude.

So cut those cocky magicians some slack. They need your attention. Adolescents always do.

In my next post, I will tell you what motivates egotistic magicians into overconfidence. I discovered their motivations after a long, arduous research that spanned 30 minutes of Googling the subject.

Keep posted.

Stay magical,


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