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Humor can do wonders to your performance.

Don’t listen to the naysayers who say you can’t make people laugh unless you are a born comedian.

Trust me on this. No one is born a comedian.

If someone came out of his mommy’s womb telling jokes, the nurse would have dropped him on the floor. She would run from the delivery room, screaming, “This baby is possessed by the devil!”

obstetrician photo: Surgery Performed on Nigerian Obstetrician in Need at Victory Medical Center Landmark gI_80041_IMG_4032.jpgComedy is a skill, not something written in our genes.

Even so-called natural comedians learned it. Maybe they are just more attuned to humor than us.  They see it lurking everywhere while we ignore it. They recognize and respond to it while we are lukewarm to it. In their workaday life, they use comedy more often than we do. Thus, they get funnier than the rest of us through constant honing of their comedic skill.

jerry seinfeld photo: Jerry Seinfeld jerry_seinfeld1.jpgJerry Seinfeld’s comedy is said to be a product of hard work. He learned and perfected his skills by writing a lot of comedy material. He writes for four hours a day every day for 365 days a year for many, many years. Anybody with the same dedication may not become as rich and famous as Seinfeld. But that anybody will be funny enough to make his grandmother laugh.

Practice your gags, comedy bits and punch lines as seriously as you practice your sleight of hand.  At first, you will see smiles in the faces of the audience. Later, as you become good at being funny, the smiles will turn into roars of laughter.

Stay magical,