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In this Yuletide Season, I promise to FORGIVE, to spread LOVE and to give CHEERS to others.

Steve Harvey, I FORGIVE your misspelling on Twitter. I hate misspellings, because I never spell words inkorrectlly, especially a name of a country.

steve harvey2Don’t write “Columbia” when referring to a country. Columbia is a film studio. The country is spelled Colombia.

Here’s a mnemonic to help you remember: Colombia, the country, is spelled with two “o’s”. Don’t write three “a’s”, as in Calamba, because Calamba is not in South America. It’s in the Philippians. The citizens of that country are called Philippianose.

colombia2Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo, I LOVE you. You took the inglorious uncrowning with grace and aplomb. With the way you carried yourself in the face of a live TV blooper, you deserve the love and admiration of the world, not only of the people of Colombia. You may tell my wife about my undying love for you. She’s not the jealous type.

Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, CHEERS to you. You look lovely and queenly wearing the crown and sash that says Miss Universe. Since childhood, I have been dreaming to someday wear that crown and sash, but things didn’t work out for me. So I wear something less elegant—a cape and a top hat.

I carry around a magic wand, too.

pia2So there. Forgiveness, Love and Cheers this Christmas season.

Stay magical,