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keep secret photo: keep a secret keepasecret.jpgToday I bemoan the passing of the age when every magician can be trusted to keep the secrets of magic.

In the Philippines, like in many places around the globe, the mysterious world of magic is an open city.  Just about anybody can enter it, unchallenged. Magic secrets can be had cheaply, sometimes even for free. The practice of exposing magic tricks is even more rampant in the virtual world of the Internet than in stalls at some malls.

Thus we see a fad going in the opposite direction of secrecy.

Gone are the days when keeping magic secrets inviolable is a badge of honor.  Today, being a tattletale is cool.  snitches, whether masked or nude, have followers who adore them at their footstools. Indeed, keeping secrets is approaching anachronism in this modern world.

YouTube has made keeping secrets difficult.  It has charmed 12-year-old kids into thinking it’s the medium to quick popularity.

The Masked Magician has made keeping magic secrets unimportant. Instead, he made exposing them lucrative.

Yes, the snitches are singing magic secrets louder than the canaries inside their body loads.

That leaves the real performers, like you and I, mopping the mess they leave behind. We continue to love and to nurture the art by zealously keeping its secrets.

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We ought to get a medal for our zealotry.

Stay magical,