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I stumbled upon this Craigslist advertisement on the Internet eons ago. I have completely forgotten about it, until I caught a glimpse of it today in my list of topics to write.

A business person looking for a musician to work for free in his restaurant posted the ad.

One musician sent in a funny but sarcastic reply.


The advertisement is for musicians, but it could be for magicians, too.

musician photo: 2 2.jpgI’m sure many magicians reading this post can relate to this. A client tries to book them, but when it gets to the pricing stage, he or she wrangles for every peso of discount.

I know of a magician friend who failed to stave off a client’s aggressive attempt to get a P1,500 discount. She mentioned the short distance to the place. The small venue. The few guests invited. And the makeup of the audience. She said they’re mostly children.

And so my friend gave her the P1,500 discount.

On the date of the party, he arrived at the venue. It was a compound with one mansion and three stately houses inside. In the middle of the compound were a beautiful swimming pool and a large lawn. Hundreds of adult guests. Few children. Drinks flowed. Unlimited food filled several buffet tables.

My friend went to the bathroom and kicked himself in the butt. It was not an easy thing to do, but he did it several times, anyway.

Well, give it to the client. She’s a better negotiator than my friend. I would have fallen for her negotiating techniques, if it were me she tried to book.

For me negotiating is an art. I go for a win-win transaction. Not so with other people. Some are adroit negotiators. They are canny and skillful. Their goal is to win at all costs. They want to save money on magicians, so they can splurge their savings on luxuries.

Next time you book a party, remember the Craigslist ad above. Also keep in mind my friend’s experience. Take their lessons to heart.

Stay magical,