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There is wisdom in not changing routines constantly and rashly. The wisdom is financial, practical, and artistic.

peso coin photo: One peso coin piso.jpgOn the other side of the coin, you need to change routines over time. You don’t want to fall into a rut. You have to reinvent yourself. You must also maintain your show’s dynamism, or it will become stale and outdated.

On top of these reasons, I change routines to get myself from being bored. Doing the same act over and over again bores me.

I change routines to challenge myself.

I change routines to improve the show.

I change routines to try something new.

I change routines to grow artistically.

I change routines because there’s a new magic in the market I spent my hard-earned money on and I need to break it in.

So this weekend, I’ll perform THE SAME show.


red ferrari photo: ferrari ferrari_550-1.jpgBecause this is often the scenario: a birthday mom hires me and tells me, “I’ve seen your show two or three times at different parties. I want a NEW show for my child’s party—but don’t forget to include the dove act, the duck trick, the comedy levitation, the hilarious mind reading, and the box switch. Also, I want you to perform your Underwater Straitjacket Escape and the Vanishing Ferrari.”

“Ma’am,” I say, confused, “if I did all those acts, that would be my old show.”

“Okay, then do the old show.”

“Also, Ma’am, I don’t perform the Underwater Straitjacket Escape at birthday parties…”


“Because I don’t know how to bring enough water to your McDonald’s party, so I can perform the escape.”

“Okay, just do your old show then.”

“And one more thing, Ma’am. I don’t have a red Ferrari to vanish. If I had a Ferrari of whatever color, I’d certainly not want to vanish it.”

“It’s all right then. Do your old show.”

big mac photo: Big Mac bigmac.jpg“However, I can show you the vanishing Big Mac trick. Just give my five assistants one Big Mac each, and they will vanish it right before your eyes.”

“I can’t give your five assistants one Big Mac each. Just do your old show, okay?”

That, folks, is the reason my new show is still in the house, waiting to be broken in. Most birthday Moms prefer to see my old show.

I hope you guys see the joke…

Stay magical,