motion photo: Poetry in Motion Poetry_in_Motion_by_JaxeNL.jpgTo pursue further the subject of economics in performing, let me talk about Economy of Motion…

Some magicians in the Philippines look smooth and elegant when performing. They have mastered their routines and polished their moves. Polish and mastery, of course, have a third buddy. It is called streamlined act, which is a byproduct of the principle of Economy of Motion.

According to the experts, Economy of Motion eliminates wasted or extraneous actions. It allows the ease of doing a task. It results from as few moves as possible.

How many times do you transfer a coin from hand to hand before making it disappear? How many times do you prove the box is empty? And how many ways do you show the change bag to be devoid of trickery?

Analyze your act and see if you can accomplish the same thing using fewer moves than you normally do.

coin in hand photo: Coin in hand Coininhand.jpgIf you can vanish a coin in three tosses to the other hand, try streamlining your motions by eliminating at least one toss. Later, you may want to do away with another toss, so that in the end you make the coin disappear in just one toss.

That will lead to a clearer effect and to a more graceful performance.

Stay magical,