magicalifrafilistrixposter2I hope it’s not too late to correct some people’s misconception about Magicalifragilistrix, Inner Magic Club’s 18th anniversary show in Meralco Theater on October 15.

Magicalifragilistrix is not a magic competition. We have done loads of magic competitions in the past, we thought we would do this year something more challenging, artistic and production-wise.

Magicalifragilistrix is not a birthday party magic show brought to a theater and pass for a theatrical show. We had this epiphany, a eureka moment, that made us realize an important but overlooked point: why hire an expensive theater to mount a stage show if the only tricks to perform are tricks we do at birthday parties?

Except for the opening parody of magic history and a performance of a classic magic, Magicalifragislitrix largely does away with tricks and acts usually seen at birthday parties.

We conceived and worked the show from the ground up. We started from scratch, built illusions and magic from scratch.

Even our music choice underwent a major overhaul. Most songs and musical scores (not all but most) are melodies most of the members of the audience will probably hear for the first time. We use classical music and Bocelli songs to add elegance to the show; we give more preference to European over American pop music; we  added a Welsh song (in Celtic language) to add drama to one of the acts; and we even include a catchy music from South Africa to give a novel touch to the show.

All this we do to please the cerebral members of the audience and the cognoscenti of the magic art.

So whatever is your preconceived notion, or stereotypical imagination of Magicalifragilistrix, based on the magic shows you have watched in the past, Magicalifragistrix is not that.

It is more than what you expect it to be. You will be surprised how we thought up this show. If you won’t like the show, at least you will appreciate how hard we work to make it different and a great product of out-of-the-box thinking.

cropped-possibleheader1.jpgIf only out of curiosity of how magic can be brought to a higher plane, please come and watch Magicalifragilistrix. It plays on October 15 at 7:30 PM in Meralco Theater.

Stay magical,