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 photo poster.jpgAlex Lagula, Cris Castro, Kent Estrada and I had a productive meeting yesterday with Ed de Guzman of the Meralco Theater.

We did an ocular familiarization of the prestigious theater, and it is what everybody says it is—and more.

It is huge. Everything is huge—the stage, the wings, the back stage, the dressing rooms, the orchestra pit, the vaulted ceiling, and the audience section.

We visited the theater to coordinate our technical requirements with the stage management and technical people. We need the usual and peculiar support from them, which include lights, sounds, curtains (we need lots of curtains, this is a magic show, remember?). We also made sure the stage could hold up to the weights of the stuff we are going to produce.

Yes, we will produce big stuff on stage, and we needed assurances the stage would not give way under their weights.

We no longer will produce rabbits and doves. No offense to the doves and rabbits, but the theater is so huge we are constrained to produce bigger things. Unless, of course, if we find a rabbit as big as elephants, and doves as big as the birds in the movie Avatar, then we will not use them. Because we promised to make this an evening of grand magic, we will ramp up the sizes of most of the stuff we will use in the show.

Oh, speaking of ramps. Yes, the production number will have appearances of things and objects so hefty we need ramps to bring them on stage.

We just hope the theater management will allow us to bring those huge equipment and magic paraphernalia, so we can give our audience a spectacular evening of magic and illusion.

What will Inner Magic Club produce during the show?, you might ask.

 photo mcdomeeting.jpg

(From right to left): After an ocular visit to the Meralco Theater, Kent, Alex, Cris and I had a marathon meeting at McDonald’s across the street, discussing the technical requirements of the show and fine tuning the script.

Well, I will not answer that. I’ll not even give you a hint what we plan to do. Just get your tickets now, watch Magicalifragilistrix and experience magic in a grand scale on October 15, at 7:30 PM in Meralco Theater.

Stay magical,