photo eec289b7-c8dd-452e-8b56-1778dd9bbf67_zps5ae0e0d6.jpgHello Sir Leodini,

I visit regularly online magic forums to research ideas and to learn from experts. I didn’t expect to see so many of them giving advice left and right. Often, they confuse me. One expert would recommend one thing and another would recommend another (sometimes opposite) thing.

How do I choose the best advice when the experts can’t seem to agree which each other?

Yours in magic,



Hi Puzzled,

First of all, remember that the hallmark of experts is that they rarely agree with each other. They don’t, therefore, give you the same expert advice even though they give them left, right and even center.

You are lucky to have the epiphany of asking me instead. I’m sure you will best learn from what I’m about to tell you, because I’m not an expert. All you need to do is be willing to listen to me, something that many magicians find a difficult enterprise to engage in.

meteor photo: Meteor meteor2.jpgI have dispensed wisdom to too many people and for so many times I’ve lost count of all those who listened and didn’t. What I know is that those who didn’t listen crashed and burned to perdition. On the other hand, those who listened sought out other experts and never listened to me again.

Which I think is a brilliant move on their part, because sadly, I don’t even listen to me.

Well, here’s the thing: online experts are not bad per se. Giving advice to others needing enlightenment is a laudable thing to do.

However, make sure the advice they give you is borne out of experience, not just something the so-called experts have read somewhere. Also, validate the information before you accept it, and make sure the techniques they teach work in the real world.

Some magicians who style themselves as experts dish out advice they have not validated. They just read about them in some books, repeat them for the consumption of others, without checking their applicability in the real world. Such bum advice is like a celebrity endorsement of a brand of toothpaste the celebrity has not tried personally.

And there lies the potential for confusion…

Experts who share their expertise from experience are worth our time to listen to. Armchair experts, however, can have our attention, but let’s take their advice with a grain of salt.

gold bars photo: gold bars goldbars.jpgWe need to seek experts who share knowledge or practical wisdom gained from actual performances. Their advice is worth tons of gold.

Experts who just parrot information they stumbled upon from somewhere must be regarded with a leery eye.

The trick is to distinguish who is the practical and who is the parrot expert.

Stay magical,