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Hi sir Leo,

Can you write a blog entry about “spoon-feeding” members of a group? Well, I just noticed that some of my members are given to spoon-feeding. They know that I have a lot of magic tutorial videos. They lack the initiative to find ways to improve their abilities and skills, hmm… it’s just disappointing that they just want to borrow some of my videos for them to learn more and sell to other magicians they know.

Just hide my identity, sir, because I just want to know your point of view about this concern of mine.

I’m inclined to share magic knowledge with other enthusiasts, but I think some of them just want to be spoon fed and don’t go to great lengths to research, study and learn by themselves. They want someone else to do the spade work for them.

Your blog fan,
 (Name withheld upon request)

big mac photo: Big Mac bigmac.jpgHi,

Spoon feeding is a legitimate way to care for infants or toddlers.

However, persons who have become physically able when they reach a certain stage of maturity should be able to fend for themselves. If they insist on being spoon fed even when they can already gobble up Big Mac by themselves, then you ought to give them a whack on the head using a latex hammer to bring them to their senses.

spoon feed photo: Spoon Feed spoon-feed.jpgYes, that’s all you can do. Stop spoon-feeding magicians who want to be spoon fed. Stop being a nice guy and stamp your foot down and say, “Enough! I won’t lend you my tutorial videos anymore.”

If they refuse to grow up, leave them in their infantile state of mind. Have nothing to do with them.

Apart from that, there’s not much you can do. Spoon feeding is now the norm of learning not only in magic but also in most aspects of modern-day living.

Google, YouTube and a host of other websites provide seekers of knowledge copious amount of information. Some are junks and some are gems—but they are served in the same manner: free and in large amount way more than you need or can consume.

These sites not only spoon fed humanity with vast knowledge, they even intravenously introduce them to our system.

As a result, the Internet has made it so easy to be smart today. I can now appear like a genius with Google. Whereas before I’d spend days memorizing facts and current events, today all I need to do is Google for an information and spew it to someone asking me a question and, voila!, I’m an Einstein.

Google maps also makes me a brilliant geographer. I can find any place in the world on Google maps. If this service was available during Magellan’s time, he would have not discovered the Philippines. He would have skipped our country and go to China to find the spices he was seeking.

calculator photo: loan calculator loancalculator4_zpsf6d27ff7.jpgWith the calculator now a standard feature of most mobile phones, you can compute and crunch numbers in centimeters or inches, yen or dollars, light years or trillions of light years.

But what have all this spoon feeding done to the human’s natural intelligence?

Well, let me show you an example. I went to the store to buy a 1.5 liter of Coke. The sales lady said it would cost me P59. I handed her P100 bill. She reached for her mobile phone, switched it to calculator mode and punched P100 – 59. Her eyes brightened up when her gadget said the answer is P41. She then handed me the correct change.

So you see, years of spoon-feeding have dumbed down humans. Many could not do the math of P100 less 59 equals P41 in their head.

 photo 06b36e1d-0a20-4591-86d7-dec8407ef082_zps96114243.pngThat’s how math goes in a sari-sari store. Now, don’t expect more brilliance in the field of magic entertainment.

If all this troubles you, do your share in helping make your friends attain intellectualism by resisting to spoon feed them.

Let me know if you have further questions. Google is just a few keyboard taps and mouse clicks away. It’s a handy and nifty service for someone like me who wants to appear intellectual.

Stay magical,