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music photo:  music.jpgTo enjoy magic, the audience must pay attention to the performance while it is going on.  If they as much as entertain intruding thoughts, they will not see the magic happen, let alone appreciate it when it happens.

Magic is not like a pipe-in music that allows audience members to do other tasks and think of other thoughts, while enjoying the song.

An audience member can meditate while listening to beautiful music.  He can compose poems while music is playing in the background.  But he cannot appreciate magic if he is meditating or writing poems during a magic performance. Trust me. I know they can’t without ignoring the magician. music photo: Music music.jpg

An audience member can listen to music while eating. He can even wear a large earphone to shut out the world around him and immerse himself in his favorite tunes.

He can tap his foot to the beat of the music while eating. He can turn his spoon and fork into musical instruments and play along with the tune he is listening to.

He can sway here and there like a bamboo in the wind, a rapturous look written all over his face.

He can do all that and more. He can multi-task with music.

But he can’t watch magic while doing extraneous tasks.

So if it can be helped, audiences must not be allowed to eat or multi-task while eating. Because a magic performance is not like listening to music where the tunes can be experienced as an ambient entertainment.

One more time with feeling: an audience member can enjoy music while eating and multi-tasking. The same thing can’t be said when he is watching a magic show. A magic show requires audiences to pay close attention, for them to follow the plot as it develops on stage. Only in this way that they will experience and appreciate fully the magical effect when it happens.

Stay magical,