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Several magicians in the Philippines said they concur with what I said on my post, “Magic is Not Just About Moves.”

I’m elated by their concurrence. Very few things elate me more than magicians agreeing with my philosophies in magic.

naked eye photo: My Eye HNI_0003.jpgFor years I have been preaching about the fine principles of performing magic, but readers largely ignore me. I’m afraid the principles are so fine they are not observable by the naked eye.

yoda photo: yoda yoda.jpgMost ordinary magicians whose ideas are ignored by the community would find that distressing. I don’t. I could care less if I end up like talking to the wind or to my shadow. Maybe because I’m extraordinary or Yoda-incarnate, like the way my wife and children say I am?

Honestly, I don’t feel offended when fellow magis pay no mind to the lessons of performing I preach. I console myself with the narcissistic thought that maybe my ideas are light years ahead of time. I also blame myself for sucking at preaching.

So I got this delicious vindication when fellow performers said they agreed with—and, therefore, understood—what I said in  “Magic is Not Just About Moves.”

While I’m gloating, let me bring up similar topics that for so long magicians think are magic but actually are not.

Just as moves are not magic, at the other end of the spectrum, props alone are not magic either.  Whether the props are gaudily painted, or deceptively made, by themselves they are not magic.

Only through their correct use that they create mood, emotion, theater experience and magic.

Stay magical,