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In response to my post, “Magic is Not Just About Moves”, Ted Orlando sent the following message:

Oh, dear Leodini,

 HOW RIGHT YOU ARE ONCE AGAIN!!!  (I would wish many colleagues adopt these your described criteria!)

I must admit myself, it took me time (admittedly years) to comprehend.

It also took me several broken balls and shelves (formerly of breakable plastic) having dropped them on the floor practicing the TWO handed Multiplying Ball effect.

Finish for me with that sort of “sleight to be proven” was a TV footage when the “Famous Magician Ted Orlando” dropped a left hand-held ball.

A comedy sequence with two-plus balls nowadays “does the trick”.

Satisfaction to any such changes of sleights in comedy effects with same props were for one my old London colleague Tommy Cooper, but also own critiques received after shows, like for example, within Newsletter of the “MANILA CLUB” (that time in Magallanes), where they wrote….

“… Ted Orlando did not battle us with mind-boggling magic or digital dexterity, even better, they kept some 80 club members and friends  entertained and amused for more…” It was a “fun” evening, made up in  entertainment value what he lacked compared with the gorgeous lady featured on the handbills. (That was Dagmar (“Joyce”, who was not with me in Manila then).

“…. The show gave the lie to the traditional view…”

 So then, Guys, keep on adopting Sir Leodini’s good advices!