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samsung siii photo:  650_1000_Samsung-Galaxy-SIII-S3.jpgThe digital age has brought our generation the most magical invention of all time, namely, digital gadgets like the smarthphones.

When let loose on the World Wide Web, smartphones connect human beings from all nooks and crannies of the world where there is an Internet connection.

If you asked me, connecting people from around the planet is more magical than cutting a lady in half with a Buzz Saw. So don’t ask me. Just observe what’s happening in the world today, and I’m confident you will agree with my notions.

Digital gadgetry is a grand thing. But like all grand things, it exacts penalties. I’m not a philosopher if I didn’t know that.

 photo 82b3c5da-aaee-46cb-b0c8-856df6eb268e_zps2b58cb81.pngDespite their much-bandied-about social media interaction, digital gadgets have a way of disconnecting humans from humans. It seems they have digitized personal relationship and reduced human emotions into bytes, megabytes and kilobytes.

They have turned us into zombies and walking dead without us knowing about it.

Haven’t you noticed how easy it is to insult someone on social media by writing harsh words against someone you wouldn’t hurt in person? And when you hurt someone online, you inexplicably don’t feel remorse, as if you have become as numb and as unfeeling as a, well, smartphone.

Have you looked at your children’s eyes lately or are you constantly glued on Flappy Bird on the monitor of your Samsung SIII?

Have you recently wondered and sighed at the beauty of the sunset or is your gazed transfixed on YouTube on your iPhone 5?

social media photo: Social Media social_media.jpgWell, it takes a Leodini to remind magicians and humans all over the world that we are still humans and that we need to have respite from being transfixed on our smartphones’ screen.

Aren’t you glad you have Leodini as your friend to point this out to you? I sure am.

I’m glad also that Coke invented a low-tech, non-digital gadget that takes our attention from smartphones. It helps us appreciate once again another human being in person, enjoy the incredible beauty of nature and gain back our humanity before we lose it irretrievably.

Check out this video and get yourself Coke’s magic funnel to enjoy the real world of humans once again.

Cheers to Coke for this invention. If only my sugar level is not raised, I would have opened a bottle of Coke by now.

Anyway, let me check my email on my Samsung SIII.  Later, I’ll watch my show on YouTube and adore myself.

Stay magical,