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 photo 39800156-5edf-4c6f-b199-558e75bd8b2c_zps1651e602.jpgMany magicians wouldn’t like what I’m about to say. I don’t like it myself, but I have to say it anyway, otherwise there will be lots of blank space on this blog today.

I just found out that the experts found out that perception is reality. I don’t know what type of experts they are, but if their finding is correct, their expertise may just exist in their minds as a perception.

But, hey, I think they are on to something. That explains why people will regard you as, say, the best magician in town (even if you are not) if you have succeeded in creating the perception in people’s mind that you are.

People would also perceive the woman in the picture above as a bag lady, a refugee from Yolanda-hit provinces, a party host going to a stag party—or whatever perception their imagination will create.

Nope, this lesson is not new-age marketing mambo jumbo. Over the years, I’ve seen skewed perception validated before my eyes. Maybe even before my nose and ears.

Haven’t you noticed this anomaly in the magic business? There are better magic performers who don’t get as many shows as their less skillful counterparts.

The reason?

The superior performers lag in the perception-building department. While they have the artistry, they lack marketing/PR savvy to project themselves to their market as the specialists who can best satisfy customer needs.

Yes, people’s perception can be manipulated.  Better magicians can look dreadful side by side with a less competent performer if the latter knows how to project himself better.  I have no idea how exactly doing that, but I I’ve seen evidence that it can.

The reason I’m discussing this today is that, as I trawled the Net, I’ve found an optical illusion that somehow explains in a graphic way the confounding idea of multiple perceptions. The website claims it is one of the best illusions ever. I don’t know that for a fact, but here it is for you to judge if it is.

Distance Changes Face Perception? photo fingertips_zps82406057.jpg

I spent a few minutes this morning staring at the picture and feeling smart. I haven’t felt smart for a long time, so musing over the illusion is a productive way to while away the day and find an excuse not to practice my double lift.

Stay magical,