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youtube photo: youtube youtube.jpgYouTube is one of the grandest things on the Internet. People seeking instant gratification can achieve celebrity status by posting videos of their performances.

Thus, on YouTube, you can see many excellent performances, including beautiful Classic Passes and manipulative close-up magic.

Many of the performers, though, are beginners or have been in magic just recently. Yet, some of them have incredible skills that can compete with the finesse of seasoned manipulators or sleight-of-hand artists. These kids’ abilities are a beauty to behold…...on YouTube.

But not necessarily in real life…

Here’s why…

close up magic photo:  Loops.jpgOne can recognize most YouTube close-up performers by the way they present their magic. They often perform with bowed heads. Their audience seldom sees their faces, only what hairdo they wear.

That’s because when performing before their digital cameras (or PC cameras), YouTube magicians set their video recorders to focus on their hands. They find no need to look away from their hands or glance at the audience, because they have no audience except for the camera.  And since their faces are outside the camera frame, they have no need to use their eyes and facial expressions to help tell the plot of the trick or embellish the presentation.

If you have been performing for YouTube quite often, snap out of it. When you perform live, the audience is not a camera held dead center of your angle of performance. People are watching you up to 180 degrees to your sides. If you are unlucky, they may be even watching you surrounded.

Under this situation, look up. Don’t keep bowing down and showing your crown of hair. Engage people’s gaze. Let them know what you feel by making your face register some emotions.

Doing so is not only magic. It’s also a piece of theater that helps make your performance magical.

close up magic photo: Floating Tennis Ball FloatingTennisBall.pngEven if you are just doing something as mundane as vanishing a ball…

Stay magical,



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