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Whip out the strong material.  Don’t content yourself with sponge ball routines. Do something the audience has not seen before.  If you show them something they already saw (like the Wilting Flower), they will be so bored some of them will contemplate suicide.

android apps photo: android android1.pngIn this MTV era, where people are bombarded by technological wonders that are more magical than the Square Circle, a magician’s Hippity Hop Rabbit will pale in comparison with Android apps.

 photo flappbird_zps418b7bb0.jpgIn case you haven’t noticed yet, Flappy Bird is more magical than a dove produced from a Dove Pan. Ask the Vietnamese kid who created the Flappy Bird game. He now wallows in money, while Morrissey, who has been selling Dove Pans for years, had closed shop.

So don’t be a slowpoke when it comes to adding production values to your show. Make your show look beautiful, big and spectacular—especially if your entertainment skills are still wanting.

Packs flat, plays big magic are only for the seasoned entertainer. Let them kill their audience with their personality. Kill yours with Origami that you take out from those imposing ATA cases.

milk can escape photo: milkcan escape Devlin_Milk_can_escape2_glastonbury.jpgPerform something really spectacular, say, the Milk Can Escape. It’s a superb act to perform at a kid’s birthday party.  I guarantee that the birthday boy’s Daddy will be riveted on your performance until the last drop of water on his carpet.

Stay magical,