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letter and pen photo:  poetry003.jpgIt was a long time since I last posted on this blog. I guess you know that by now.

Lots of things have kept me busy in pursuit of new projects, keeping old clients, finding new ones, building new shows, and trying to do everything on the list in my New Year’s resolution.

As a result, in the past many days, I couldn’t do some tasks I love to do, and that includes writing articles on this blog.

Luckily, in the midst of my chaotic schedule, clients would go to great lengths to write me a letter and tell me how they loved my show, leaving me aglow all day.

 photo 25d69802-de9e-4430-88ad-8d0a6265c204_zpsb63f9383.jpgHere’s one (from birthday mom, Mary Grace) that really made my day brighter when I received the message in the mailbox. I’m sharing this to my readers to show that one can get happiness and fulfillment from magic aside from playing with magic props.

Hi Sir Leodini,

Thank you so much for your fantabulous performance at Ryuji and Iori’s party last Jan 11. All our guests, juniors & seniors, were raving about you.

You were our topic over lunch and dinner [of leftover party food]. Our relatives cannot agree if you are a better magician or a better comic. Each one has a favorite act to retell.

Iori, my 6-year old, repeatedly utters the phrases 1. WatchwatchI have a watch 2. Egg from Japan 3. Gary… It’s right under your Fallopian tube. One night, he even asked me where you live. When asked why, he said “kasi nakakatawa siya.” I’m not sure if he plans to visit you one day.

Weeks after the party and we’re still getting great feedback. The memory of your exceptional entertainment is sure to last. Truly, your magic stays 🙂

More power and God bless!



Thank you for letting me know your family and guests enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed performing for them.

Stay magical,