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magic props photo: Magic Props magicfinal23.jpgShow off your props. Sure, many magicians who belong to the packs-flat-plays-big category hate props. They don’t bring any to their shows.  They can entertain people with small-object magic.

Since we are assuming you are a bore (that’s why you are reading this article), you are not the minimalist packs-flat-plays-big type of performer. You are the opposite—the props kinda guy.

English: Bengal Tiger in Karnataka, India

So if, during your show, the kids start to stand up to look for ice cream, break out the big props to keep them glued to their seats.  Believe me, even adults can hardly resist the allures of big props.  When you are performing at a birthday party and see signs the grownups are growing restless, unveil onstage the Buzz-Saw illusion and see how the adults behave like tamed Bengal tigers.

Of course, props don’t automatically make you a better performer. At the least, they merely serve as eye candy for your show and add production value to your program. Just as moving sets and elaborate stage scenery don’t make a stage play a hit (it must tell an outstanding story, too), a magic show with gleaming boxes, mylar backdrops, smoke machines, and strobe lights don’t make a magic show magical,

In the end, you need to have a likeable personality and performing skill to mesmerize and entertain the audience.

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