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tennis racket photo: Tennis Racket Tennis.jpgToday, after spending the morning playing tennis, I gave myself permission to be lazy in the afternoon.

I had no regrets doing so, because I had a magical time.

And to think I did something not even connected to magic as we know it—you know, no appearing canes, no doves, no double lifts, no thumb tips, etc.

What I did was go home straight from the tennis court and popped into the DVD player the concert of Andrea Bocelli (with David Foster).  I then lazed out on the sofa and watched Andrea’s mesmerizing renditions of traditional Christmas carols.

Cover of "My Christmas"

Titled My Christmas, the concert was staged in 2009 in the grand Kodak Theater (now named Dolby Theater) in Hollywood.

One of the greatest singers in the world, Andrea has the voice that can touch the souls of the listeners and move them. In the DVD, he opened the show with a powerful rendition of Gloria in Excelsis Deohis operatic voice soaring breathtakingly to the stratosphere. Right after that song, he gathered a group of beautiful kids and sang with them a bouncy version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

You will not believe how magical it felt for me watching Andrea sing a difficult song and then follow it with something easy and catchy. His range is just unbelievable.

Later in the show, he belted Ave Maria, another lung-busting song, and then followed it with a funny and playful version of Jingle Bells together with the Muppets. At the end of the song, the audience gave them a standing ovation.

Yes, today I have a worthwhile afternoon away from YouTube. I had stopped watching some kids in China and Korea doing manipulation magic. For a change, I listened to a singer who must be an alien visiting the earth to mystify people with his magical voice.

If you can spare yourself a lazy afternoon as I had, you may want to get the My Christmas DVD at amazon.com.

Stay magical,