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Okay, so I was outside Terminal 3 at 4:30 in the morning waiting for the other performers to arrive for our flight to Palawan. We figured ahead of time that if we checked in our baggage as a group, we could avoid paying excess baggage fees.

 photo airport_zps5f0ad551.jpgWaiting for the rest of the cast with me was equally bleary-eyed Rion.

We decided to while away the time by reclining against a railing and making ourselves comfortable. I had no idea we looked like castaways littering Terminal 3, but I had a gut feeling we didn’t look elegant.

This photo proves my gut feeling was correct: we looked like refugees from Somalia.

 photo police2_zpsfaff0474.jpgAnyway, a little while later, a cop passed by in front of us and threw a baleful but furtive look at me. It is as if he wanted to watch me but didn’t want me to watch him watching me. A spy movie with a title I’ve forgotten flashed in my mind.

He did the passing-by-looking-at-me-suspiciously business a couple of times.

Okay, I thought, what law have I broken? Is it illegal to be sitting where I was sitting? Am I dressed inappropriately?

I had this dreadful anticipation that in a little while he was going to handcuff and arrest me, and I would miss my flight.

The anticipation turned to fear when his partner (another cop) passed by in front of us as if casing the area.

The final time the cop came over us, I looked at him askingly. He caught my gaze and broke into a wide smile.

“Sir Leodini, I saw you perform magic last week at the birthday party of the daughter of my friend. Very funny show. I had a good time.”

I secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He was not out to arrest me. It turned out he was a fan.

And what a fan! He helped us through the queue and the x-ray machine, had a push cart ready inside the Terminal and led us to the check-in counter.

Sometimes being a magician can work magic in real life. I think that’s cool.

And, oh, here’s a picture of me with some members of the cast about to enter the underground river in Sabang, Palawan, the morning after our show. photo palawan_zps3d8245f5.jpg

Stay magical,