turntable photo: TurnTable turntable.jpgTurn some music on.  A good background music can pep up your act. It can add mood to your performances. It can also add levity, thrill or suspense to your show, depending on the music you are playing.

Use music intelligently, and you will keep your audience awake instead of snoring.

English: Musical notation & a heart

English: Musical notation & a heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can even go further than that. You can also use pre-recorded announcements, sound effects, canned laughter and applause. It’s all your choice, but don’t overdo it.

Remember, background music and sounds are like spices. Unless you are staging a musical (not a magic show), use just a sprinkle of them.

As much as possible, use music that is timeless as opposed to using hit songs. Unless you are willing to change your music, rehearse and re-stage your act again when the current top-of-the-chart song you are using goes out of vogue, choose a music for your act that will stand the test of time and that never goes out of style.

 photo five-o_zps106b52e1.jpgAnd most of all, don’t use music other magicians are already using. Too many of them are playing the Hawaii Five-O and Mission Impossible themes. Steer clear of these titles. There are millions of other songs to choose from, you don’t really need to use the same songs as the other performers are using.

Stay magical,