melt heart photo: melt my heart ATT3.jpgFilipino magicians, like magicians all over the world, are suckers for anything about magic. If they were not, they would not be magicians.

Here are seven things you can do to melt a magician’s heart:

 photo classsicpass_zpsf96bc98a.jpg

1.  Show him three variations of a variation of a variation of the Classic Pass.

2.  Show him a 3-Fly coin trick you claim to be underground stuff. Then explain to him how it’s done. For some reasons, magicians told of an underground secret always feel like they are in heaven. I don’t know why, but they do.

3.  Tell him David Blaine sucks. Be sure when you criticize Blaine’s performing skill that you don’t have magic shows on national television. Magicians love hearing commercially unsuccessful magicians put down David Blaine.

4.  Tell a magician that Criss Angel creates his TV magic through camera tricks. Magicians will get a marijuana-like high listening to fellow magicians critiquing Criss Angel’s shows.

5.  Tell a magician his Invisible Classic Pass is the most beautiful Classic Pass you have seen so far. Instead of being sore, magicians get a giddy kind of happiness when you tell them that you CAN SEE their Invisible Pass.

6.  Tell him you can’t see the loop he uses to animate a bill. Why you know he is using a loop when you can’t see it is something he may not be interested to know. He is busy melting like cheese under the sunlight when told his loops are invisible. So tell him you can’t see his loops and melt him like cheese under the sunlight.

 photo changebag_zps77a023a6.jpg

7.  Show him a change bag you bought in Europe. Red outside and gold inside, it has three compartments, two zippers, a handle made of bamboo. The bag can turn a P20 bill into a P100 bill. To make him happy, tell him the bag costs $1,250. Magicians always feel happy marvelling at cheap props that have high price tags.

If you have your own list on how to melt magicians’ hearts, don’t be shy. Share them with us.

Stay magical,


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