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magic show photo: magic show magicshow.jpgSir Leodini, I have a question for you. Do you have some tips on how to get more bookings? I mean, for example, when you get an inquiry from a prospective client, what do you say or do to increase your chances of closing the deal and getting hired?

Although I have booked shows in the past, I still want to know some techniques on how to sell my magic aside from giving them a wacky and great show..

Thank you, Sir Leo.

Alrom Christian Pelayo Ricafuente


Hi Alrom, closing business deals and getting gigs are a multi-stage process. Each stage requires a different set of skills and abilities.

Let me simplify the process for you in three steps:

magic show photo: Magic Show MagicShow.jpgStep 1. Build a good, commercial show. You have to have a show that people, aside from your friends and relatives, would want to watch and pay money to catch.

Your show, to be commercial, must be entertaining, not only amazing. It must be a cut above the other magic shows. Answer the question: why would prospective clients hire your show and not the show of other magicians?

The answer should be because there is something in your show that is not in other magicians’ program.

So make sure your show is unique. Watch other magicians, so that you don’t do what they are doing.

If in their shows they produce parasols, appearing canes, appearing candles, throw streamers, Snowstorm in China, then for heaven’s sake find something else to put in your program. Otherwise you will just be one of the many same magic acts. There will be no motivation for clients to hire you as opposed to hiring your competitors.

megaphone photo: megaphone clip_megaphone.gifStep 2. Market your show. Marketing simply means letting people know that you have a show and telling them where to find you.

Marketing, therefore, involves publicizing and announcing to everybody that you exist. It’s like saying, “Hey, World, I am the upcoming magician. I have a magic show that will liven up your parties. You can find me at http://www.magician.com or call me on mobile phone number 1234567890.”

You can have the best show in the world, but if people don’t know about it or have no idea where to find you, you might as well live in a cave and play with bats in the dark.

To publicize your act, distribute business cards, have an online presence through your website, advertise and network.

talking to phone photo: talking on phone EmilyOsment42.jpgStep 3. Sell your act. The third step involves salesmanship. Once prospects find you and ask about your services, you must be able to convince them that your show is the answer to their entertainment need.

I can’t tell you how to be a salesman. I myself suck at selling. You have to learn it yourself. There are lots of resources, books and other literature to study to acquire this skill.

Once you are good at it—and provided you have a good, solid show, have publicized yourself properly to create a flood of inquiries—you can close deals and get gigs easily to make yourself happy.

Stay magical,