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downloadConnect with your audience.  Involve the spectators physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you don’t give them the chance to react to your magic, they might as well be reclining in a lazy-boy chair and watching a DVD movie.

Don’t allow people (especially children) to sit passively watching you for long stretches in your program without them being involved physically or mentally in the show.

Bring some audience members (especially children) onstage to take part in your act. Children love so much to help in magic shows you don’t even have to coax them to come onstage.

Audience participation doesn’t always mean asking spectators to leave their seats and join you onstage. It could also mean asking them questions. Intrigue people. Challenge their views with a profound question like how people can solve the global problem of climate change.

Okay, that could be more profound than the tiny tots would tolerate during a magic show. But you get my point. If you don’t, just trust me on this and take my word for it. I’m a trustworthy person.

Taken 3 years ago. (8/27/2006) where I cooked ...

Tricks with audience participation should be the highlights of your show. You don’t need many of them. They’re like spices. Just sprinkle them on your food to make it tastier, not pour a kilo on a saucer of Bicol Express.

Stay magical,