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debutante photo: debutante daintydarling05.jpgFor the next 18 days, I’ll share with you one lesson a day on how to entertain with your magic.

I have no credentials when it comes to teaching magic, but I’ll teach you anyway. I love to annoy people who think they know everything about magic.

By the end of the 18th day, you will feel like a debutante. Your eyes will open to the more sophisticated ways of making your audience enjoy your magic.

I’m sure there are more than 18 techniques to entertain audiences. I can’t teach you everything, though. I’m a slack off Mr. Know-All. I don’t know what I don’t know.

Here’s Lesson 1:

Find excitement in what you do.  Sure, you have performed your act hundreds of times. You can do it with your eyes closed, your mouth shut and your nose flaring.

dreams photo: dreams Dreams.jpgYou can do it in your sleep, in your dreams, and even in your nightmares.  But you have grown tired of it. One more performance of it and you will rather be bungee jumping in the elevator shaft.

Now, don’t do that. Your material may be old hat to you, but most people are going to see the act for the first time.

Make it exciting to them.  All you need to do is to take an interest in what you are doing.

The idea is to act, look and sound interested in your material. In that way, the audience can feel your passion. If you think your act bores you (because you have done it countless times), you will communicate subconsciously to the audience your apathy. People will sense the listless performer behind the performance.  They, too, will be bored by your apathy.

Enjoy always your act. Don’t just fake your interest in it. See some fresh angle in your performance. Liven it up with new tidbits, gags, and business.

If these don’t help, change your routines. Resurrect old tricks or learn new ones.

Reinvent yourself, spruce up your show, rejuvenate your love of your magic.

Stay magical,