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Subject:  Magicians in the Audience

Leodini posted: “I have this nagging suspicion that magicians of the lesser kind who happen to catch my show are disappointed by my program. They don’t see finger-breaking and knuckle-busting moves, shiny props, boxes with deceptive bases, and sexy girls in skimpy clothe” Respond to this post by replying above this line

==========================================================Hi Leo,

I fear, this also refers a bit to my visits in the Pepetons.

Whilst it appears to me that just occasionally colleagues walk up on “stage” to show some new effects, at these meetings it often is me only following a year-old request: “When you are here, show us some new European effects.”

I am fine with that, especially as in the sense of your topic no sleights or manipulations are expected (which 99% of the present colleagues could do better, anyhow).

But the word (I hope) is “NEW EFFECTS.”

There again lies my “problem” preparing at home to bring a few props (for baggage reason also only on the “light weight” side).

BUT what will be “new” for my IMC MAGICIAN friends at Pepetons?

My wife, before her permanent illness, no longer allowed me to come to Manila more often. So the many months in between, some, if not many colleagues attending the Wednesday night meeting, could be bored, by having to watch effects they already have in their own repertoires.

Take, for example, one of my effects last Wednesday, the EXTRACTOR.

A real genius of a prop, which,  however, is surely owned already by one third of the audience (read in this case”MAGICIANS IN THE AUDIENCE”).

As such, I am scared every time I perform. I realize “my story” is not quite in the sense of your article, which, however, not to forget to mention, in itself is so 100% correct.

As for that, how right you are; another valuable “Leodini wisdom”.

The kind (composition) of the audience you are to face with your show should DETERMINE/DICTATE the program IN ADVANCE,.

YES, even the dramatic SEQUENCE of it. For them to remember and talk about certain effects to others after the show can be your cheapest best recommendation. (That mum in that cited kid’s show will certainly not be such recommender.)

Best wishes, Leo!




Hi Ted, thank you for your letter.

The article you quoted has nothing to do with your performances at the Club.

What I wrote was about magicians who are hired to perform at parties to entertain children and guests. What they do is that they try their hardest best to fool magicians watching them instead of entertaining their audience.

They seem to forget to do what they are hired for.

Performing at the IMC meeting before a gathering of magicians has an entirely different dynamics. Magicians love moves, difficult sleights of hand, underground moves, secrets, props, newly invented tricks.

Since your performances at the Club almost always involve some high-tech, expensive props, I assure you that you have thoroughly regaled the boys at the Club in the same way that you would have regaled them with finger-breaking moves.

I’m looking forward to your next visit and performance in Pepeton’s. Send our best regards to your lovely wife.

Stay magical,