Some magicians have perpetuated a myth that can’t be found in ancient Greek (or any nationality) Mythology. They claim that it is not what a magician does but how he does it that matters.

Please, I beg of you on bent knees…Don’t believe this Gospel of Untruth.

The fact is, not all magic is created equal. Tricks either have or lack intrinsic entertainment values. On their own, they either can soar or tailspin with a little help from the performer.

There are tricks that are unfathomable, and there are tricks as transparent as lungs viewed through an x-ray machine.

There are tricks that leave one speechless, and there are those that drive people to insanity and make them want to gossip with the person seated next to them rather than watch the magic performance.

A magician who lacks the good sense to choose a strong material will mostly suffer the fate that indifference showers upon those who perform the 21-Card Trick.

My point is, choose the correct material if you want your magic to have an earthshaking impact on your audience.

Don’t ever presume that you can dazzle lay people with your personality even if your magic sucks. Such presumption is the height of presumptuousness.

Only in magic that this abject lesson of “it’s not what you do but how you do it” is being bandied about carelessly. In other performing arts, this is simply heresy.

Take the movies. Tom Cruise is good-looking and have a great personality. Would you watch his films and stay in a dark theater to watch him loll on the beach and just making goo-goo eyes and nothing else on the camera for one-and-half hours?

Of course not.

Tom Cruise, his great looks and personality notwithstanding, does something more, because his instinct tells him that what he does matters.

So he punches his enemies, shoots bad guys, scales buildings, car races, and wrestles Cameron Diaz on the bed.

That you will watch for one-and-a-half hours.

In the magic world, though, magicians with less pleasing personality than Tom Cruise think they can make people watch lame magic tricks and sit through a boring presentation as long as they preen around on stage like cute teenagers.

That you will watch for five seconds and tune off.

Stay magical,